HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 2002-4736, by Representatives Kenney, Lovick, Veloria, McIntire, Sullivan, Kirby, Rockefeller, Simpson, Chase, Lantz, Hunt, Lysen, Cody, Fisher, Cooper, Romero, Ogden, Kessler, Chopp, Grant, Dickerson, Tokuda, Fromhold, Santos, McDermott, Schual‑Berke, Kagi, Murray and Berkey


      WHEREAS, On Saturday March 2, 2002, the Seattle Prep Panthers girls' basketball team defeated the Eastside Catholic Crusaders by a score of 50-40 to win their first state basketball championship; and

      WHEREAS, Using their rebounding prowess and gritty defense, the team defeated a worthy competitor to secure the victory; and

      WHEREAS, Seattle Prep's perseverance and hard work earned them a record of 27-2 this season; and

      WHEREAS, The team, coached by Michelle Hall and her talented assistant coaches, Jeff Pietz, Rebecca Valdivia, Mary DeWine, Kelly Nolan, and Angela Anderson, also won the Metro League Championship this season while finishing second in the Sea-King District; and

      WHEREAS, The team members‑-Molly Kane, Laura Thramer, Joy Hollingsworth, Katie Patneaude, Christina Padden, Che' Oh, Katie Fitzmaurice, Shannon Lovejoy, Rachel Snyder, Lauren Cane, Katie Urban, and Sarah Gattis‑-have fostered pride and honor at Seattle Prep; and

      WHEREAS, One of the Seattle Prep girls' basketball team members Joy Hollingsworth, was named Metro League Most Valuable Player and a member of the Seattle Times All-Star team; and

      WHEREAS, The team's superb shooting, rebounding, and excellent all around defense led them to a near-perfect season; and

      WHEREAS, The Seattle Prep girls' basketball team members maintained an impressive team G.P.A. of over 3.2;

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives honor and applaud the Seattle Prep Panthers girls' basketball team for their achievement and success this season; and

      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to the girls' basketball coaching staff and administration at Seattle Preparatory School.



      I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

      4736 Resolution adopted by the House of Representatives

                          March 12, 2002.




                   Cynthia Zehnder, Chief Clerk