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State of Washington      57th Legislature     2001 Regular Session


By Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Parks & Shorelines (originally sponsored by Senators Jacobsen, Oke and Carlson)


READ FIRST TIME 01/31/01. 

_1      AN ACT Relating to policies of the parks and recreation

_2  commission; adding a new section to chapter 79A.05 RCW; and

_3  creating a new section.




_5      NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.  (1) The legislature finds that:

_6      (a) All lands known as public parks and parkways, and

_7  recreational, natural, cultural, and historic sites are unique

_8  public treasures preserved for the benefit, vitality, and

_9  enjoyment of the public; and

10      (b) All lands administered by the state parks and recreation

11  commission are significant to the state of Washington, requiring

12  thoughtful stewardship and appropriate use to ensure their

13  preservation for and availability to future generations.

14      (2) Based on the foregoing, the legislature declares that it is

15  the mission of the commission to acquire, operate, enhance, and

16  protect a diverse system of recreational, cultural, historic, and

17  natural sites, and foster outdoor recreation and environmental

                               p. 1                      SSB 5024

_1  education statewide to provide enjoyment and enrichment for all, a

_2  valued legacy to future generations, and perpetuate the character

_3  and culture of the citizenry.

_4      (3) Towards these ends, in addition to the policies set forth

_5  in RCW 79A.05.305, the state parks and recreation commission,

_6  using its own resources and through partnerships with private and

_7  public entities shall:

_8      (a) Protect and preserve natural, recreational, cultural, and

_9  historical resources of significance to the state;

10      (b) Foster public enjoyment, understanding, appreciation, and

11  safe use of these resources through education;

12      (c) Host a wide range of public recreation experiences to renew

13  the human spirit;

14      (d) Welcome visitors from all cultural, ethnic, and social

15  backgrounds, as well as seniors, youth, and the physically and

16  mentally challenged;

17      (e) Provide safe, attractive, high-quality facilities and

18  programs to those who use the state's park system; and

19      (f) Promote state and community tourism and economic vitality.


20      NEW SECTION.  Sec. 2.  A new section is added to chapter 79A.05

21  RCW to read as follows:

22      In addition to other duties the commission may from time to

23  time impose, it is the duty of the director to, on or before

24  December 1st of each even-numbered year, provide to the

25  legislature a comprehensive summary report of all state parks and

26  recreation operations to reflect the previous fiscal period.

27      (1) The summary report shall include, but not be limited to,

28  descriptions of all department activities including:  Revenues

29  generated, program costs, capital expenditures, personnel, special

30  projects, condition of the infrastructure, new and ongoing

31  research, environmental controls, cooperative projects,

32  intergovernmental agreements, outlines of ongoing litigation, and

33  recent court decisions and orders on major issues with the

34  potential for state liability.

35      (2) The summary report shall describe the operation of the park

36  system including park utilization details and trends,

SSB 5024                       p. 2

_1  opportunities to improve services, and public desires for new

_2  services.

_3      (3) The summary report may include other information and

_4  recommendations as the director deems useful.

_5      (4) The summary report must be delivered to the chairs of the

_6  following legislative committees or their successor committees:

_7      (a) Senate natural resources, parks, and shorelines;

_8      (b) Senate ways and means;

_9      (c) Senate transportation;

10      (d) House natural resources;

11      (e) House appropriations;

12      (f) House capital budget; and

13      (g) House transportation.

14      (5) One copy of the summary report must also be delivered to

15  the staff of each of the committees.  The summary report must be

16  made available to the public.


‑‑‑ END ‑‑‑


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