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State of Washington      57th Legislature     2001 Regular Session


By Senators Honeyford, Sheahan, Hewitt, Hale, Stevens and Morton


Read first time 01/19/2001.  Referred to Committee on Natural Resources, Parks & Shorelines.

_1      AN ACT Relating to streamlining the salmon recovery planning

_2  process; amending RCW 77.85.050; and declaring an emergency.




_4      Sec. 1.  RCW 77.85.050 and 1999 sp.s. c 13 s 11 are each amended to

_5  read as follows:

_6      (1)(a) Counties, cities, and tribal governments must jointly

_7  designate, by resolution or by letters of support, the area for

_8  which a habitat project list is to be developed and the lead

_9  entity that is to be responsible for submitting the habitat

10  project list.  No project included on a habitat project list shall

11  be considered mandatory in nature and no private landowner may be

12  forced or coerced into participation in any respect.  The lead

13  entity may be a county, city, conservation district, special

14  district, tribal government, or other entity.

15      (b) In lieu of the requirements of (a) of this subsection, a

16  lead agency under chapter 90.82 RCW may serve as the lead entity

17  under the provisions of this chapter and be responsible for

18  submitting the habitat project list for the geographical planning

                               p. 1                       SB 5334

_1  area within the jurisdiction of the planning unit if (i) a habitat

_2  component is selected under RCW 90.82.100; (ii) a watershed

_3  assessment has been completed under RCW 90.82.040(2)(b); and (iii)

_4  a ranked list of projects and activities has been prepared that

_5  warrant immediate financial assistance consistent with RCW

_6  90.82.110.

_7      (c) The lead entity shall establish a committee that consists

_8  of representative interests of counties, cities, conservation

_9  districts, tribes, environmental groups, business interests,

10  landowners, citizens, volunteer groups, regional fish enhancement

11  groups, and other habitat interests.  The purpose of the committee

12  is to provide a citizen-based evaluation of the projects proposed

13  to promote salmon habitat.  The technical review team may provide

14  the lead entity with organizational models that may be used in

15  establishing the committees.

16      (((c))) (d) The committee shall compile a list of habitat

17  projects, establish priorities for individual projects, define the

18  sequence for project implementation, and submit these activities

19  as the habitat project list.  The committee shall also identify

20  potential federal, state, local, and private funding sources.

21      (2) The area covered by the habitat project list must be based,

22  at a minimum, on a WRIA, combination of WRIAs, or any other area

23  as agreed to by the counties, cities, and tribes in resolutions or

24  in letters of support meeting the requirements of this

25  subsection.  Preference will be given to projects in an area that

26  contain a salmon species that is listed or proposed for listing

27  under the federal endangered species act.

28      (3) The lead entity shall submit the habitat project list to

29  the technical review team in accordance with procedures adopted by

30  the board.


31      NEW SECTION.  Sec. 2.  This act is necessary for the immediate

32  preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of

33  the state government and its existing public institutions, and

34  takes effect immediately.


‑‑‑ END ‑‑‑

SB 5334                        p. 2