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State of Washington      57th Legislature     2001 Regular Session


By Senators Kastama, Carlson, McAuliffe and Rasmussen


Read first time 01/22/2001.  Referred to Committee on Education.

_1      AN ACT Relating to educational service districts' authority to

_2  borrow; and amending RCW 28A.310.200.




_4      Sec. 1.  RCW 28A.310.200 and 1993 c 298 s 1 are each amended to

_5  read as follows:

_6      In addition to other powers and duties as provided by law,

_7  every educational service district board shall:

_8      (1) Approve the budgets of the educational service district in

_9  accordance with the procedures provided for in this chapter.

10      (2) Meet regularly according to the schedule adopted at the

11  organization meeting and in special session upon the call of the

12  chair or a majority of the board.

13      (3) Approve the selection of educational service district

14  personnel and clerical staff as provided in RCW 28A.310.230.

15      (4) Fix the amount of and approve the bonds for those

16  educational service district employees designated by the board as

17  being in need of bonding.

                               p. 1                       SB 5385


_1      (5) Keep in the educational service district office a full and

_2  correct transcript of the boundaries of each school district

_3  within the educational service district.

_4      (6) Acquire by borrowing funds or by purchase, lease, devise,

_5  bequest, and gift and otherwise contract for real and personal

_6  property necessary for the operation of the educational service

_7  district and to the execution of the duties of the board and

_8  superintendent thereof and sell, lease, or otherwise dispose of

_9  that property not necessary for district purposes.  No real property

10  shall be acquired or alienated without the prior approval of the

11  state board of education and the acquisition or alienation of all

12  such property shall be subject to such provisions as the board may

13  establish.  When borrowing funds for the purpose of acquiring

14  property, the educational service district board shall pledge as

15  collateral the property to be acquired.  Borrowing shall be

16  evidenced by a note or other instru­ment between the district and

17  the lender.  ((The authority to borrow under this subsection shall

18  be limited to educational service districts serving a minimum of

19  two hundred thousand students in grades kindergarten through

20  twelve.))

21      (7) Under RCW 28A.310.010, upon the written request of the

22  board of directors of a local school district or districts served

23  by the educational service district, the educational service

24  district board of directors may provide coopera­tive and

25  informational services not in conflict with other law that provide

26  for the development and implementation of programs, activities,

27  services, or practices that support the education of preschool

28  through twelfth grade students in the public schools or that

29  support the effective, efficient, or safe manage­ment and operation

30  of the school district or districts served by the educational

31  service district.

32      (8) Adopt such bylaws and rules and regulations for its own

33  operation as it deems necessary or appropriate.

34      (9) Enter into contracts, including con­tracts with common and

35  educational service districts and the school for the deaf and the

36  school for the blind for the joint financing of cooperative

37  service programs conducted pursuant to RCW 28A.310.180(3), and

SB 5385                        p. 2

_1  employ consultants and legal counsel relating to any of the

_2  duties, functions, and powers of the educational service

_3  districts.


‑‑‑ END ‑‑‑

                               p. 3                       SB 5385