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                         SENATE BILL 5508



State of Washington      57th Legislature     2001 Regular Session


By Senators Jacobsen, Oke, Hargrove, Patterson, Johnson, Rasmussen, Fraser, Horn, Hochstatter, McDonald and Swecker


Read first time 01/25/2001.  Referred to Committee on Natural Resources, Parks & Shorelines.

Modifying distributions to the recreation resource account.

    AN ACT Relating to the recreation resource account; and amending RCW 79A.25.070.




    Sec. 1.  RCW 79A.25.070 and 2000 c 11 s 73 are each amended to read as follows:

    Upon expiration of the time limited by RCW 82.36.330 for claiming of refunds of tax on marine fuel, the state of Washington shall succeed to the right to such refunds.  The director of licensing, after taking into account past and anticipated claims for refunds from and deposits to the marine fuel tax refund account and the costs of carrying out the provisions of RCW 79A.25.030, shall request the state treasurer to transfer ((monthly from the marine fuel tax refund account an amount equal to the proportion of the moneys in the account representing the motor vehicle fuel tax rate under RCW 82.36.025 in effect on January 1, 1990, to the recreation resource account and the remainder to the motor vehicle fund)) to the recreation resource account the moneys in the marine fuel tax refund account that are not required for payment of the refund claims or costs, and the state treasurer shall make the transfer.


                            --- END ---