S-1653.1  _______________________________________________


                         SENATE BILL 6062



State of Washington      57th Legislature     2001 Regular Session


By Senators Benton and Deccio


Read first time 02/15/2001.  Referred to Committee on Health & Long‑Term Care.

Requiring standards that allow persons who are at least sixteen to receive first responder and EMT training.

    AN ACT Relating to minimum standards for first responder and emergency medical technician training; and amending RCW 18.73.081.




    Sec. 1.  RCW 18.73.081 and 1993 c 254 s 1 are each amended to read as follows:

    In addition to other duties prescribed by law, the secretary shall:

    (1) Prescribe minimum requirements for:

    (a) Ambulance, air ambulance, and aid vehicles and equipment;

    (b) Ambulance and aid services; and

    (c) Minimum emergency communication equipment;

    (2) Adopt procedures for services that fail to perform in accordance with minimum requirements;

    (3) Prescribe minimum standards for first responder and emergency medical technician training including:

    (a) Adoption of standards that permit individuals who are at least sixteen years of age at the beginning of training to apply for training;

    (b) Adoption of curriculum and period of certification;

    (((b))) (c) Procedures for certification, recertification, decertification, or modification of certificates;

    (((c))) (d) Adoption of requirements for ongoing training and evaluation, as approved by the county medical program director, to include appropriate evaluation for individual knowledge and skills.  The first responder, emergency medical technician, or emergency medical services provider agency may elect a program of continuing education and a written and practical examination instead of meeting the ongoing training and evaluation requirements;

    (((d))) (e) Procedures for reciprocity with other states or national certifying agencies;

    (((e))) (f) Review and approval or disapproval of training programs; and

    (((f))) (g) Adoption of standards for numbers and qualifications of instructional personnel required for first responder and emergency medical technician training programs;

    (4) Prescribe minimum requirements for liability insurance to be carried by licensed services except that this requirement shall not apply to public bodies; and

    (5) Certify emergency medical program directors.


                            --- END ---