By Senators Roach, Swecker, Johnson, Sheahan, Fairley, Rasmussen, Oke, Long, Costa, Winsley and Shin


     WHEREAS, Washington State as well as the rest of the country, recognizes and values freedom and democracy for its citizens and the world; and


     WHEREAS, Our great nation has fought and continues to fight for freedom, democracy, and inalienable human rights, it is incumbent that the valiant efforts and turmoil of those fighting for this noble cause be recognized; and


     WHEREAS, Freedom Fighter Aviator Ly Tong has courageously fought to educate, reform, and challenge governments as well as citizens of non-democratic countries; and


     WHEREAS, Freedom Fighter Aviator Ly Tong has given selflessly to this noble cause; and


     WHEREAS, Because of Ly Tong=s valiant efforts, he has been captured and imprisoned four times, each time escaping from contentious hands; and


WHEREAS, He has been a model activist for refugee communities throughout the world; and


     WHEREAS, Ly Tong was faced with copious adversity, he managed to fight for his cause and obtained BA and Masters degrees in Political Science at New Orleans University; and


     WHEREAS, Freedom Fighter Aviator Ly Tong continues to zealously fight despite the opposition he faces; and


     WHEREAS, Such efforts deserve the respect, admiration, and acknowledgment of all;


     NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That, the Washington State Senate recognizes the valiant efforts of Freedom Fighter Aviator Ly Tong, and sends their heartfelt gratitude to him and his family as he continues to fight bravely for freedom, democracy, and human rights.


I, Tony M. Cook, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 2001-8616,

adopted by the Senate February 23, 2001.





Secretary of the Senate