By Senator Hewitt


     WHEREAS, On December 2, 2000, the Pasco High School Bulldogs won the Class 4A State Football Championship by beating Bethel High School 20-3 in the Tacoma Dome; and

     WHEREAS, This win was the Bulldogs second state 4A football championship crown in three years; and

     WHEREAS, The Bulldogs are the first 14-0 team in state history; and

     WHEREAS, 280-pound defensive lineman Gabe Gutierrez put the icing on the game cake with an interception and 16-yard Arumble@ for his first touchdown; and

     WHEREAS, Wide receiver Raul Vigil, who helped the Bulldogs win the state soccer title two years ago, played his first football season and set a 4A title-game record;

     WHEREAS, Head Coach Steve Graff provided strong, inspirational leadership and was unwavering in his expectations of good sportsmanship and honorable behavior both on and off the athletic field; and

     WHEREAS, Assistant Coaches David Spray, Kevin Pedersen, Don Hogue, Scott Bond, Troy Sommerville, Steve Davis, Joe Carrasco, Tom Carroll, John Cazier, Mike Clayton, Tim Henderson and Gilbert Marquez contributed immeasurably to the development of a winning team; and

     WHEREAS, Trainers Laurie Snover, Veronica Daniel, Paul Hale, Bonnie Nolan, Andrew Olson, Paulena Ransom, Melissa Roberts and Brittany Welsh, and Managers Britney Miller & Elizabeth Monk provided superior team support during the winning season; and

     WHEREAS, Team Captains: Doug Vincent, Brandon Kania, Tyler Shook, Ben Davis, Kyle Lamb, Tanner Savage lead the charge to victory; and

     WHEREAS, Team members Rocky Lozano, Chris Ortiz, Kyle Lamb, Steven Jenks, Tyler Shook, Marshal Smith, Jesse Lamb, Ben Fox, David Shimek, Brady Neergaard, Ameer Tillman, Brian Boler, Skyler Allen, Raul Vijil, Caleb Stromstad, Marc Mackay, Agustin Ramos, Brad Boler, Matt Picicci, Tyler Hockaday, Drew Castleberry, Ben Davis, Philip Mehlenbacher, Tom Kinion, Hans Esterhuizen, Mike Welch, Johnny Fairley, Doug Vincent, Nick Gonzales, John Pittman, Brett Rogers, Kyle Kania, Tanner Savage, David Hanson, William Hargrow, Charlie Smith, Gabe Gutierrez, Joe Scales, Ryan Dupuy, Nik Chassin, Jacob Galstad, Brandon Ono, Mike Garza, Brandon Kania, Brian Dilley, and Eric Mattox have distinguished themselves as high school athletes;

     WHEREAS, The long hours of dedication, preparation and practice by all members of the team and its coaching staff are worthy of our respect and recognition; and

     WHEREAS, The Bulldogs have the respect and unwavering loyalty of thousands of  Pasco fans who showed their APasco Pride@ by traveling the wintry roads to Tacoma in support of the team;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Senate of the state of Washington, that the Pasco High School Bulldogs be honored for their dedication and perseverance and for the pride that their achievement brings to their school and community.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Pasco High School Principal Sheri Adkinson, to Pasco High School Athletic Director Le Burns, to Coach Graff, and to each member of the Bulldog championship team.


I, Tony M. Cook, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 8643,

adopted by the Senate March 30, 2001.





Secretary of the Senate