By Senator Deccio



            WHEREAS, the Senate adopted permanent rules for the 2001-02 biennium under Senate  Resolution 2001-8601; and


     WHEREAS, pursuant to Senate Rule 35, the Senate has received one day=s notice from Senator Deccio of his intent to move adoption of an amendment to the Senate Rule 29 in the manner set forth below;


     NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Senate Resolution 2001-8601 and Rule 29 of the Permanent Rules of the Senate for the 2001-02 biennium are each amended to read as follows:


     ARule 29. When any senator is about to speak in debate, or submit any matter to the senate, the senator shall rise, and standing in place, respectfully address the President, and when recognized shall, in a courteous manner, first announce his or her position on the question under debate and then speak to the question under debate, avoiding personalities; provided that a senator may refer to another member using the title ASenator@ and the surname of the other member.  No senator shall impeach the motives of any other member or speak more than twice (except for explanation) during the consideration of any one question, on the same day or a second time without leave, when others who have not spoken desire the floor, but incidental and subsidiary questions arising during the debate shall not be considered the same question.  A majority of the members present may further limit the number of times a member may speak on any question and may limit the length of time a member may speak but, unless a demand for the previous question has been sustained, a member shall not be denied the right to speak at least once on each question, nor shall a member be limited to less than three minutes on each question.  In any event, the senator who presents the motion may open and close debate on the question.@