By Senator Honeyford


     WHEREAS, The Senate adopted permanent rules for the 2001-2003 biennium under Senate Resolution 2001-8601; and


     WHEREAS, Pursuant to Senate Rule 35, the Senate has received one day's notice from Senator Honeyford of his intent to move adoption of an amendment to the Senate Rule 69 in the manner set forth below;


     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That Senate Resolution 2001-8601 and Rule 69 of the Permanent Rules of the Senate for the 2001-2003 biennium are each amended to read as follows:


     Rule 69.  When the names of appointees to state offices are transmitted to the Secretary of the Senate for senate confirmation, the communication from the governor shall be recorded and referred to the appropriate standing committee.


     The standing committee, or subcommittee, pursuant to rule 42, shall require each appointee referred to the committee for consideration to complete the standard questionnaire to be used to ascertain the appointee's general background and qualifications.  The committee may also require the appointee to complete a supplemental questionnaire related specifically to the qualifications for the position to which he has been appointed.


     Any hearing on a gubernatorial appointment, held by the standing  committee, or subcommittees, pursuant to rule 42, shall be a public hearing.  The appointee ((may)) shall be required to appear before the committee ((on request)).  When appearing, the appointee shall be required to testify under oath or affirmation.  The chair of the committee or the presiding member shall administer the oath or affirmation in accordance with ((RCW)) chapter 44.16 RCW.  (See also Article 2, Sec. 6 of the State Constitution.)


     Nothing in this rule shall be construed to prevent a standing committee, or subcommittee, pursuant to rule 42, upon a two‑thirds vote of its members, from holding executive sessions when considering an appointment.


     When the committee on rules presents the report of the standing committee before the senate, the question shall be the confirmation of the name proposed, and the roll shall then be called and the yeas and nays entered upon the journal.  In the event a message is received from the governor requesting return of an appointment or appointments to the office of the governor prior to confirmation, the senate shall vote upon the governor's request and the appointment or appointments shall be returned to the governor if the request is approved by a majority of the members elected or appointed.  (Article 13 of the State Constitution.)