By Senators Shin and McAuliffe


     WHEREAS, The Alderwood Middle School presented an Oratory Competition entitled "American Ideals" on May 1, 2001, in which many students competed in presenting speeches on the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, and the "I Have a Dream" speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and

     WHEREAS, The students involved in the competition invested a considerable amount of time in preparing their speeches, practicing and perfecting the correct volume, speed, intonation, and emotion in order to make an effective presentation; and

     WHEREAS, The students involved in the competition, the faculty, staff, parents, community leaders, and the Edmonds School District are to be commended for their diligence, dedication, and commitment in preserving our history and heritage through the presentation of these noble works; and

     WHEREAS, Those attending the competition were emotionally moved and inspired by the dignified and professional manner in which the students delivered their speeches; and

     WHEREAS, The spirit of patriotism was instilled in the students and permeated the Edmonds School District, and the substance of the chosen works evoked deep emotions and reinforced the American principles of freedom, equality, compassion, brotherhood, unity, and democratic spirit; and

     WHEREAS, The fifteen student finalists in the competition included Kellen Anable, Rebecca Lance, Alexis Latshaw, Sonia Sillan, Brittney Ulke, Ricardo Aguayo, Bradley Collins, Vasenai Morrison, Melyssa Norris, Lindsay Varriano, Christopher Bui, Amanda Phillips, Stephen Porter, Sarah Sheets, and Irene Yiu; and

     WHEREAS, Bill Wendel, a concerned parent who had a dream that the Alderwood Middle School students would be inspired by our shared American ideals, donated six hundred dollars in prize money to make this dream a reality; and

     WHEREAS, Suzanne Baier, Principal of Alderwood Middle School, Ken Limon, Edmonds School District Assistant Superintendent, and Chris Kratz, Parent Volunteer Coordinator lent their enthusiastic support and encouragement, along with their presence and participation; and

     WHEREAS, Anne Stewart and Sarah Treworgy, Social Studies co-chairs of Alderwood Middle School, spent considerable time in researching, planning, and coordinating the entire competition; and

     WHEREAS, Colin Ryan, Social Studies teacher, supervised and guided the after-school semifinal rounds of the competition; and

     WHEREAS, Anne Stewart, Sara Treworgy, Colin Ryan, Ron Lundberg, Manita Nery, Dean Nakinishi, and Paul Zurybida lent their time and energy in initiating and conducting the classroom rounds of competition; and

     WHEREAS, The courageous students and their families, who participated at every level of the competition, helped make this event a rousing and memorable success; and

     WHEREAS, Alderwood Middle School community embraces and sustains the spirit and shared ideals of the noble words spoken by the participants;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the members of the Washington State Senate do hereby recognize and salute the efforts of all those in the Alderwood Middle School community for demonstrating exceptional care, concern, and vision in affirming our American ideals; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Senate immediately transmit a copy of this resolution to Alderwood Middle School, to Bill Wendel, and to each student participant.


I, Tony M. Cook, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 2001-8691,

adopted by the Senate May 7, 2001.





Secretary of the Senate