By Senators Finkbeiner and Poulsen 


            WHEREAS, the Senate adopted permanent rules for the 2001-02 biennium under Senate Floor Resolution 8601; and


     WHEREAS, pursuant to Senate Rule 35, the Senate has received one day=s notice from Senator Finkbeiner of his intent to move adoption of an amendment to the Senate Rule 20 in the manner set forth below;


     NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Senate Floor Resolution 8601 and Rule 20 of the Permanent Rules of the Senate for the 2001-02 biennium are each amended to read as follows:


     ARule 20.  1.  No motion shall be entertained or debated until announced by the president and every motion shall be deemed to have been seconded.  It shall be reduced to writing and read by the secretary, if desired by the president or any senator, before it shall be debated, and by the consent of the senate may be withdrawn before amendment or action.


     2.  The Senate shall consider no more than one floor resolution per day in session: Provided, That this rule shall not apply to floor resolutions essential to the operation of the Senate; and further Provided, That there shall be no limit on the number of floor resolutions considered on Senate pro forma session days.  Senate floor resolutions shall be acted upon in the same manner as motions.   All senate floor resolutions shall be on the secretary=s desk at least twenty-four hours prior to consideration.@


I, Tony M. Cook, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 8749,

adopted by the Senate February 15, 2002.





Secretary of the Senate