By Senators Spanel, Benton, Brown, Carlson, Costa, Deccio, Eide, Fairley, Finkbeiner, Franklin, Fraser, Gardner, Hale, Hargrove, Haugen, Hewitt, Hochstatter, Honeyford, Horn, Jacobsen, Johnson, Kastama, Keiser, Kline, Kohl-Welles, Long, McAuliffe, McCaslin, McDonald, Morton, Oke, Parlette, Poulsen, Prentice, Rasmussen, Regala, Roach, Rossi, Sheahan, B. Sheldon, T. Sheldon, Shin, Snyder, Stevens, Swecker, Thibaudeau, West, Winsley, and Zarelli



     WHEREAS, The successes of the Washington State Senate often reflect the tireless efforts of a very talented and dedicated staff working behind the scenes; and


     WHEREAS, Staff people who were pioneers in the early years of legislative staff organization, along with others, are now reaching the point of retirement, if not exhaustion; and


     WHEREAS, Ross Antipa, Dick Armstrong, Myrna Beebe, Dave Cheal, Bev Eikenberry, Bill Freund, Sue LaVack,and Nina Weld are among those staff looking forward to retirement in the coming year; and


     WHEREAS, Dr. Ross Antipa began a long career of dedicated public service in 1967 as an infantryman on the front lines in Vietnam where he earned one bronze star for meritorious service, the combat infantry badge, and two bronze stars for heroism; and


     WHEREAS, The fish in waters from British Columbia to the Columbia River will be even more endangered when Ross=s boat hits the water this summer; and


     WHEREAS, In 1974, shortly after graduation from the University of Oregon Law School, Dick Armstrong was hired by the Washington State Senate by Senator Frank Woody, fired by Senator Bob Grieve, and re-hired by Senator Gordon Sandison B all within a matter of days; and


     WHEREAS, a young but persistent Dick Armstrong survived those early days with his now legendary good humor, and soon after was actually put on the Senate payroll; and


     WHEREAS, Myrna Beebe joined the Senate in 1972, in the Autotype Pool, and her energetic and illustrious career has included several positions in the Senate staff, barely leaving time for Sorority, pinochle, bunco group, birthday club, car club and playing golf with the Capitol City Executive Women=s group, as well as redecorating a room in her house as a Mariner Room; and 


     WHEREAS, Dave Cheal first joined the Washington State Legislature in 1974, but then decided Guam would be warmer and sunnier; and


     WHEREAS, after spending time in the tropics, Dave actually chose to return to the House staff in 1984 and then wisely transferred to the Senate in 1985, where he has served ever since, providing wise counsel, gracious service, and friendship to members of the Legislature; and


     WHEREAS, Dave Cheal will soon retire to his newly constructed retirement nest to spend time with wife and family, working in his wood shop, and traveling at his leisure; and


     WHEREAS, Beverly, ABev@ Eikenberry, a caring, dedicated and exemplary Senior Legislative Assistant to the Senate Republican Caucus, has served the caucus with unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment since January 1997; and


     WHEREAS, the Senate Republican Caucus has benefitted greatly from Bev=s cheery disposition, thoughtful personality, political institutional memory, and  willingness to go beyond her assigned duties to help anyone at any time efficiently and with a smile; and



     WHEREAS, Bill Freund, replete with a Navy discharge, an Economics degree, a full head of hair, and a sunny disposition, joined the legislative staff in 1973; and


     WHEREAS, after a career which included playing a critical role in legislative development and implementation of the Basic Education Act and serving as a primary architect of K-12 funding models will soon retire to a life of farming, fishing, hunting, and family, but will hopefully continue his work, at least on a part-time basis, as one of the state=s favorite curmudgeons and foremost experts in K-12 Education policy and finance; and


     WHEREAS, Sue LaVack began her illustrious career cleaning the Senate during sessions starting in 1974, which went so well she started cleaning the books in 1980; and


     WHEREAS, When Sue first started with the Senate, she thought Abiennium@ was something that grew on a foot, and that PvR was a type of plumbing pipe;


     WHEREAS, Even though Sue doesn=t have a precise retirement date, she has said that her love for the Mariners, golf, pinochle, and bunco, not to mention travel and family time, just don=t leave room for another legislative session; and


     WHEREAS, Nina Weld joined the Senate in 1977 in the Workroom, and went to the Accounting office in 2000; and


     WHEREAS, Nina loves the sunshine and you will soon find her basking poolside in Hawaii, Reno, Las Vegas, and attending many Mariner games.  Nina is a Astamper@ and makes custom greeting cards and other crafts and could open a craft shop and offer classes on the 60 acres of property she and hubby Roger just purchased;


     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate extends its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Ross Antipa, Dick Armstrong, Myrna Beebe, Dave Cheal, Bev Eikenberry, Bill Freund, Sue LaVack, and Nina Weld for their service, friendship, and the legacy they leave; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Ross, Dick, Myrna, Dave, Bev, Bill, Sue and Nina asking that they not forget us.



I, Tony M. Cook, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 8792,

adopted by the Senate March 14, 2002.






Secretary of the Senate