BILL REQ. #:  S-2077.1 


State of Washington58th Legislature2003 Regular Session

By Senate Committee on Higher Education (originally sponsored by Senators Kohl-Welles, Carlson, Johnson, Shin, Jacobsen, McAuliffe, Schmidt, Rasmussen and B. Sheldon)

READ FIRST TIME 03/05/03.   

     WHEREAS, Education is the most important function of the state of Washington and is essential to the economic health, cultural diversity, civic vitality, and political well-being of the state and the nation; and
     WHEREAS, There is significant evidence that citizens benefit by having an opportunity to access the education and training that will allow them to contribute to the healthy future of not only themselves and their families but also to the community at large; and
     WHEREAS, The state will need to provide higher education opportunities for at least a projected thirty-three thousand six hundred more citizens by the year 2010 just to maintain current postsecondary participation rates; and
     WHEREAS, Our schools, through education reform, are expected to prepare an evergrowing number of high school graduates for entry into postsecondary education or the incredibly competitive work environment; and
     WHEREAS, A growing number of citizens affected by the fluctuations in the economic climate and shifts in employment opportunities enter and reenter the state's educational institutions to prepare them for participation in the rapidly changing workplace; and
     WHEREAS, Washington's citizens would be better served through access to high quality education without institutional or organizational barriers to ensure being able to make smooth progress through all levels of education they desire; and
     WHEREAS, Washington does not have a seamless education system nor does it have a system of coordinated education planning; and
     WHEREAS, Collaboration and coordination among all sectors of education including but not limited to prekindergarten, the K-12 system, the community and technical college system, the four-year college and universities, and the independent colleges and private career schools is essential to developing an educated citizenry;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Senate of the State of Washington, the House of Representatives concurring, That an interim study be conducted through the collaborative work of the Senate committee on education, the Senate committee on higher education, the House of Representatives committee on education, and the House of Representatives committee on higher education; and
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That cochairs be designated by the members of the study group, one cochair representing K-12 education and one cochair representing higher education; and
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the interim study group develop recommendations to the legislature regarding the development of a "Master Plan for Education -- Prekindergarten through University" to support the students' needs, focusing on the organization and management of delivery systems, to achieve the goal of eliminating barriers to a seamless education. The recommendations will address but not be limited to issues of access, achievement, accountability, affordability, and quality of our schools and institutions of higher education. In developing the recommendations, the committees shall involve interested parties including but not limited to educators including staff, faculty, administration, and governing board members, from both the public and private sector; regional and national public policy groups and state organizations; advocacy groups; researchers; business and labor leaders; community leaders; parents; and students. An interim report shall be completed by December 1, 2003, and a final report by December 1, 2004.

--- END ---