HB 1689 - DIGEST


Finds that municipal separate storm sewer system permits are required for certain municipalities under the federal water pollution control act. While these programs provide numerous environmental and public health benefits, they also burden municipalities and their businesses and citizens with many costs and liabilities.

Finds that municipal separate storm sewer systems are distinct from other storm sewer systems such as industrial storm sewer systems and construction site storm water disposal systems because they consist of complex, widely dispersed conveyance networks that drain public roads and other key elements of infrastructure; include numerous inlets and outfalls that can be difficult to locate and maintain; and intermittently and unpredictably receive large volumes of diffuse storm water that may be polluted by a wide variety of substances directly or indirectly produced by various activities of the public at large.

Sets forth criteria in this act for development of municipal separate storm sewer system permits under the state's delegated authority to administer the federal municipal storm sewer system permit program and under the applicable waste discharge permit provisions of chapter 90.48 RCW.