HB 3080-S.E - DIGEST


Finds that agency missions, goals, and objectives should focus on statewide results.

Declares an intent to focus the biennial budget on how state agencies produce real results that reflect the goals of statutory programs. Specifically, budget managers and the legislature must have the data to move toward better statewide results that produce the intended public benefit. This data must be supplied in an impartial, quantifiable form, and demonstrate progress toward statewide results. With a renewed focus on achieving true results, state agencies, the office of financial management, and the legislature will be able to prioritize state resources.

Requires the governor to communicate statewide priorities to agencies for use in developing biennial budget recommendations for their agency and shall seek public involvement and input on these priorities.

Requires the office of financial management to regularly conduct reviews of selected programs to analyze whether the objectives and measurements submitted by agencies demonstrate progress toward statewide results.

Requires the office of financial management to consult with the higher education coordinating board, and the state board for community and technical colleges in those reviews that involve institutions of higher education.

Declares that the goal is for all programs to receive at least one review each biennium.

Provides that, when a review under this act or other analysis determines that the agency's objectives demonstrate that the agency is making insufficient progress toward the goals of any particular program or is otherwise underachieving or inefficient, the agency's budget request shall contain proposals to remedy or improve the selected programs.

Provides that, in reviewing agency budget requests in order to prepare the governor's biennial budget request, the office of financial management shall consider the extent to which the agency's programs demonstrate progress toward the statewide priorities, identified by the governor and the legislature, along with any specific review conducted under this act.

Requires the governor's operating budget document or documents to reflect the statewide priorities as required by RCW 43.88.090.

Requires the governor's operating budget document or documents to identify programs that are not addressing the statewide priorities.

Provides that the act shall be null and void if appropriations are not approved.