Declares that the purpose of this act is to prohibit sites at which mixed radioactive and hazardous wastes have contaminated or threaten to contaminate the environment, such as at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, from adding more waste that is not generated from the cleanup of the site until such waste on-site has been cleaned up and is stored, treated, or disposed of in compliance with all state and federal environment laws.

Declares it is state policy to protect Washington's current and future residents, particularly children and other sensitive individuals, from the cumulative risks of cancer caused by all cancer-causing hazardous substances, including radionuclides, by ensuring that hazardous substance release and disposal sites meet the standards established pursuant to chapter 70.105D RCW.

Declares that the transport of mixed radioactive and hazardous wastes, is inherently dangerous, and should be minimized. Decisions involving transportation of these wastes must be made with full involvement of the potentially affected public through whose communities these wastes will pass.

Directs the department of ecology to regulate mixed wastes to the fullest extent it is not preempted by federal law, pursuant to chapter 70.105 RCW and the further provisions of this act.

Provides that the department shall not issue a permit, or modify any existing permit, allowing for the treatment, storage, or disposal of any additional mixed wastes not generated at the site or facility as part of a remedial or corrective action, until: (1) The site or facility is in full compliance with the requirements of chapter 70.105 RCW, this chapter, and RCRA, 42 U.S.C. Sec. 6901 et seq., as amended, for obtaining and maintaining a closure permit for any facility or unit from which a release of hazardous substances has occurred or is threatened to occur, after characterization and corrective action; or

(2) The department has issued a formal determination that no further remedial action is necessary to remedy such a release pursuant to chapter 70.105D RCW.

Provides that the department shall consider releases, or potential releases, of radioactive substances or radionuclides as hazardous substances if the radioactive substance poses a risk of a carcinogenic, toxic, or any other adverse health or environmental effect. The department shall require corrective action for, or remediation of, such releases to meet the same health risk based minimum clean-up standards as adopted for other carcinogenic, toxic, or other hazardous substances posing similar health risks pursuant to RCW 70.105D.030.

Declares that nothing in this act shall affect existing permits for, or in any manner prohibit, the storage or disposal of sealed nuclear reactor vessels or compartments from retired United States Navy submarines or surface ships at the existing disposal facility at Hanford, or affect existing permits for the operation of any facility by the federal government at which United States Navy reactors are decommissioned or refueled.

Declares that obligations of the state pursuant to the Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management and agreements made by the compact shall not be interfered with or affected by any provision of this act. If hazardous or mixed wastes have been disposed or released at any facility operated pursuant to the Compact, the relevant provisions of this act apply.

Provides that, at any site or facility at which there has been a release of mixed wastes, permits issued under chapter 70.105 RCW for mixed waste facilities shall provide for the operation and funding of a broadly representative advisory board.

Declares that any violation of this act shall be considered a violation of chapter 70.105 RCW, and subject to all enforcement actions by the department or attorney general for violations of that chapter, including imposition of civil or criminal penalties.