SB 6368-S - DIGEST


Provides that, if any person or government agency fails to follow the requirements of obtaining hydraulic project approval under chapter 77.55 RCW or fails to carry out any of the requirements or conditions of a hydraulic project approval issued under this chapter, the department may issue a cease and desist order to that person or government agency.

Requires the cease and desist order to set forth the specific nature, extent, and time of violation, the damage or potential damage, a notice that the violation cease and desist, and, in appropriate cases, the specific corrective action to be taken within a specified time.

Authorizes the commission to, by rule, identify categories of acts that violate the hydraulics code, chapter 77.55 RCW, and may classify such acts as infractions, punishable under RCW 77.15.160.

Does not apply to: (1) Activities that are the subject of a stop work order issued under this act and the person does not violate such an order; or

(2) Activities for which an infraction has been issued under this act.

Repeals RCW 77.15.140.