SB 6059

C 356 L 06
Synopsis as Enacted

Brief Description: Authorizing state agencies to create sick leave pools for employees.

Sponsors: Senators Berkey, Haugen, McAuliffe, Franklin, Rockefeller, Schoesler, Eide, Weinstein, Rasmussen, Shin, Delvin, Mulliken, Oke, Parlette and Kohl-Welles.

Senate Committee on Labor, Commerce, Research & Development
House Committee on State Government Operations & Accountability

Background: Sick leave pools permit employees to contribute already accrued sick leave, and in return are able to use time from this pool if the employee meets the proper criteria.

Summary: State agencies and departments may participate in a sick leave pool for state employees. The Department of Personnel is to establish rules creating the sick leave pool. Eligibility to participate in the sick leave pool is contingent on an employee first using all sick, annual, and compensatory leave accrued to the employee. Part-time employees may participate in sick leave pools on a pro-rata basis.

Personnel authorities of higher education institutions must adopt their own policies, consistent with the needs of the employees under their respective jurisdictions, to govern sick leave pools.

Votes on Final Passage:

Senate      47   0
House      95   2   (House amended)
Senate      48   0   (Senate concurred)

Effective: July 1, 2007