HB 1015 - DIGEST

Directs the department to: (1) Adopt guidelines and rules for the collection, reporting, analysis, and release of information related to hospital-acquired infection rates at hospitals. In adopting these guidelines and rules, the department shall consider the recommendations of the advisory committee established in this act as well as the definitions, methodologies, and practices of the United States centers for disease control related to hospital-acquired infections; and

(2) Publish an annual report that compares the hospital-acquired infection rates at each individual hospital in the state.

Requires each hospital to: (1) Collect information regarding hospital-acquired infection rates for the specific clinical procedures and categories identified by the department; and

(2) Prepare a report every three months and submit the reports to the department. The collection and reporting of information shall be performed in accordance with the guidelines and rules of the department.

Declares that neither the reports submitted by hospitals to the department under this act, nor any of the data contained in them are subject to discovery by subpoena or admissible as evidence in a civil proceeding.

Declares that the reports submitted by hospitals to the department of health under this act and the data contained in them are exempt from disclosure under chapter 42.17 RCW.

Takes effect August 1, 2005.