HB 1083 - DIGEST


Declares an intent to improve the process of regulating construction in state waters with policy measures that improve predictability for entities that work in state waters, and make the best use of limited state resources by ensuring that regulatory reviews of in-water construction are made in an efficient manner.

Requires the department to develop procedures to ensure consistency of application of hydraulic project approval conditions, to include the following: (1) Common technical conditions for saltwater and freshwater projects. These common technical conditions must, at a minimum, address allowable in-water work periods, and must recognize the need to maintain an economically competitive waterfront business and port community, and must meet the needs of infrastructure development as defined in RCW 90.74.010;

(2) Internal departmental permit review procedures that promote consistency within and between regions; and

(3) Habitat protection guidance for regional staff that result in predictable permit conditions for project applicants.

Establishes an expedited dispute resolution process to resolve disputes regarding hydraulic project approvals issued under this act.

Requires the department to, at the request of any person or government agency, develop a renewable five-year maintenance approval agreement or a hydraulic project approval mitigation agreement to allow for work on public and private property for bank stabilization, bridge repair, removal of sandbars and debris, channel maintenance, and other flood damage repair and reduction activity under reasonable agreed-upon conditions and times without obtaining permits for specific projects.