HB 1156 - DIGEST

Provides that dental hygienists licensed under chapter 18.29 RCW with two years' practical clinical experience with a licensed dentist within the preceding five years may perform all dental operations and services authorized under RCW 18.29.050 without dental supervision. However, the administration of local anesthetic and nitrous oxide may only be performed under the close supervision of a licensed dentist or physician.

Creates the board of dental hygiene.

Provides that in addition to other duties specified in chapter 18.29 RCW, the board of dental hygiene has the following powers and duties: (1) To develop and administer, or approve, or both, examinations to applicants for licensure under this chapter;

(2) To establish the qualifications of persons applying for licensure as a dental hygienist under this chapter and to certify to the secretary duly qualified applicants;

(3) To adopt rules not inconsistent with the laws of this state as may be deemed necessary or proper to carry out the purposes of this chapter;

(4) To establish and administer requirements for continuing competency, which shall be a prerequisite to renewing a license under this chapter;

(5) To keep an official record of all board of dental hygiene proceedings. The record is evidence of all proceedings of the board of dental hygiene that are set forth in the official record;

(6) When appropriate, to adopt rules not inconsistent with the laws of this state in response to questions put to it by professional dental-related associations, dental hygienists, and consumers in this state concerning the authority of dental hygienists to perform certain acts; and

(7) When appropriate, to consult with the dental quality assurance commission.

Repeals RCW 18.29.110, 18.29.130 and 18.29.170.