HB 1265 - DIGEST

Finds that the safety of the highways of this state is materially affected by the degree of compliance with state laws and local ordinances relating to the operation of motor vehicles. Drivers who commit traffic violations, ignore notices from courts, and fail to resolve notices of traffic infraction and citations all show their disrespect for traffic laws that exist to ensure safety on the highways.

Declares that an essential mechanism for ensuring that drivers comply with the traffic laws of this state is the swift and certain suspension of the driving privileges of a driver who fails to respond to a notice of traffic infraction, fails to appear at a requested hearing, violates a written promise to appear in court, fails to pay a fine or monetary penalty imposed as the result of a traffic violation, or otherwise fails to comply with the terms of a notice of traffic infraction or citation.

Declares that license suspension ensures that drivers comply with the traffic laws by deterring violations, and ensures that the use of the state highways will be afforded only to those who are willing to comply with the traffic laws.

Declares that there is a compelling state interest in having a mechanism to withhold driving privileges which also provides necessary due process protections as economically and expeditiously as possible.

Finds that this compelling state interest can best be served by having any necessary administrative review conducted by the department of licensing in a manner that provides due process, while maximizing the use of documentary evidence to simplify and expedite those proceedings.