HB 1358-S - DIGEST


Finds that: (1) Record numbers of our citizens have been sentenced to prison over the past two decades, more than ninety percent of whom will be reentering society.

(2) The successful reentry and reintegration of previously incarcerated men and women is important to the public safety of the state of Washington, to the health of our communities, and to the reduction of the growing costs of the criminal justice system.

(3) A comprehensive reentry program, including the removal of unreasonable barriers to reentry, offers the best opportunity for released persons to become productive citizens.

(4) Receipt of a certificate of discharge is critical to a released person's ultimate reintegration into society and avoidance of recidivism, including better employability, housing, and the exercise of civil rights.

(5) It is in the public interest that a person who has satisfied all incarceration and supervision requirements of his or her sentence receive a certificate of discharge if he or she has made a good faith effort to satisfy all legal financial obligations, according to his or her means, and the legal financial obligations remain enforceable by all parties as a civil judgment.