HB 1458-S2.E - DIGEST

Finds that improperly functioning on-site sewage systems in marine areas may contaminate ground water and surface water, threatening public health and the environment.

Finds that in these areas enhanced on-site sewage system certification programs must be established to ensure systems are properly functioning to protect public and environmental health.

Finds that local programs designed to identify and correct failing on-site sewage disposal systems have proven effective in reducing and eliminating public health and environmental hazards, improving water quality, and reopening previously closed shellfish areas.

Finds that a partnership is necessary among the state, local, and private sector to develop successful local programs with adequate funding and the tools to identify and repair failing on-site sewage disposal systems.

Finds that local programs must be established in marine areas of special concern to inventory existing on-site sewage disposal systems, identify and repair failing systems, develop data bases capable of sharing information regarding on-site sewage disposal systems, and monitor results to demonstrate programs are working and public health and the environment are protected.

Requires that, by July 1, 2007, and thereafter, the local health officers of health jurisdictions in the twelve counties bordering Puget Sound where a marine area of special concern has been designated under this act shall each develop and approve an on-site sewage disposal system program implementation plan that will guide the local health jurisdiction in the development and management of all on-site sewage disposal systems within the marine areas of special concern within its jurisdiction.

Declares that, for purposes of this act, the local health jurisdictions in counties bordering Puget Sound are Clallam, Island, Kitsap, Jefferson, Mason, San Juan, Seattle-King, Skagit, Snohomish, Tacoma-Pierce, Thurston, and Whatcom.

Requires the department to review an on-site sewage disposal system program implementation plan submitted by the local health officer to ensure all the elements of the plan, including designation of any marine area of special concern, have been addressed. The board may adopt additional criteria for plan approval by rule.

Requires the department to enter into a contract with each of the counties subject to this chapter to implement the approved on-site sewage disposal system program implementation plan developed under act, and to develop or enhance the data management system required by this act with funds appropriated to the department for those purposes.

Provides that the contract shall require, at a minimum, that within the marine area of special concern, the local health jurisdiction: (1) Show progressive improvement in finding failing systems;

(2) Show progressive improvement in working with on-site sewage disposal system owners to make needed system repairs;

(3) Is actively undertaking steps to find previously unknown on-site sewage disposal systems and ensure they are inspected as required and repaired if necessary;

(4) Show progressive improvement in the percentage of on-site sewage disposal systems that are included in an electronic data system; and

(5) Of those on-site sewage disposal systems in the electronic data system, show progressive improvement in the percentage that have had required inspections.

Provides that the act shall be null and void if appropriations are not approved.