HB 1615-S - DIGEST


Applies to all operations that meet the definition of an animal feeding operation.

Creates specific permit requirements consistent with the federal CAFO rule for all defined or designated concentrated animal feeding operations.

Provides that all dairies are required to implement nutrient management plans and perform certain reporting.

Declares that AFOs that are not CAFOs or dairies are not required to obtain permit coverage or have a plan under this act. However, no AFO is allowed to pollute waters of the state, and all AFOs may be inspected by the department under this act.

Authorizes the department to coordinate with Washington State University, the conservation commission, conservation districts, the department of ecology, other federal, state, and local agencies, and private organizations and individuals in implementing an education program for improvement of nutrient management by dairies, AFOs, and CAFOs and to prevent livestock nutrients from degrading the quality of waters of the state. The department may refer livestock producers to conservation districts, Washington State University, and other entities for educational programs, technical assistance, or financial assistance.

Provides that conservation districts may, at the request of a livestock producer, provide technical or financial assistance in developing or revising and implementing the producer's livestock nutrient management plan.

Requires the director to establish a livestock nutrient management program advisory committee including members representing the livestock industry; the environmental community; local, state, and federal agencies; and other entities as deemed appropriate.

Declares that it is unlawful for any person regulated by this act to throw, drain, run, or otherwise discharge into any of the waters of this state, or to cause, permit, or suffer to be thrown, run, drained, allowed to seep, or otherwise discharged into such waters any organic or inorganic matter, including livestock nutrients, that shall cause or tend to cause pollution of such waters according to the determination of the department, as provided for in this act.

Provides that the department, with the assistance of the attorney general, is authorized to bring any appropriate action at law or in equity, including action for injunctive relief, in the name of the people of the state of Washington as may be necessary to carry out this act.

Requires the department of ecology to develop and maintain a standard protocol for water quality monitoring of the waters of the state within the vicinity of dairies and CAFOs. The protocol shall include sampling methods and procedures and identify the water quality constituents to be monitored.

Requires the department of ecology to submit the initial protocol developed according to this act to the appropriate committees of the legislature by December 1, 2005.

Repeals RCW 90.64.015, 90.64.017, 90.64.070, 90.64.080, 90.64.130, 90.64.140, 90.64.160, and 90.64.800.