HB 1657-S - DIGEST


Provides that counties, cities, towns, and other municipalities shall have the right to construct bridges and trestles across waterways heretofore or hereafter laid out under the authority of the state of Washington, and over and across any tide or shore lands and harbor areas of the state adjacent thereto over which the projected line or lines of highway will run, if such bridges or trestles are constructed in good faith for the purpose of being made a part of the constructed line of such a highway, upon payment for any natural resorce damages to those aquatic lands affected not already covered by an approved state or federal regulatory mitigation plan. Such a right shall be granted by easement and no charge may be made to the county, city, town, or other municipality, for such an easement. Provides that the department may recover only its reasonable direct administrative costs incurred in processing and approving the request or application, and reviewing plans for construction of the bridge or trestle.

Provides that, by December 1, 2008, the department must deliver a report to the legislature regarding the collection of administrative fees as described in this act.