HB 1672 - DIGEST

Requires each hospital to establish a written patient care activities program that addresses patient handling with input from the safe patient handling committee to prevent musculoskeletal disorders among health care workers and injuries to patients. As part of this program, a hospital must: (1) Implement a no manual lift policy for all shifts and units of the hospital;

(2) Conduct a patient handling hazard assessment. This assessment should consider such variables as patient-handling tasks, types of nursing units, patient populations, and the physical environment of patient care areas;

(3) Develop a process to identify patients that require the appropriate use of the no manual lift policy;

(4) Train staff on policies and equipment and devices before implementation and at least annually or as changes are made to the patient care activities program or type or make of equipment being used; and

(5) Conduct an annual performance evaluation of the program to prevent musculoskeletal disorders to determine the program's effectiveness according to the reduction of musculoskeletal disorder claims and days of lost work for musculoskeletal disorder purposes and make recommendations to increase the program's effectiveness.

Provides that a hospital employee who refuses a patient care activity due to concerns about either employee or patient safety or the lack of trained lift team personnel or equipment may not, based upon the refusal, be the subject of disciplinary action by the hospital or hospital managers or employees.

Takes effect July 1, 2006.