HB 1673 - DIGEST

Finds that: (1) There is an alarming increase of rules that duplicate or contradict each other, are outdated, or do more harm than good;

(2) The central function and purpose of government is to protect the basic freedoms of its citizens;

(3) One of the most pressing public issues is the ever-expanding scope and burden of government regulations, and the implications this trend has for the people's economic liberties; and

(4) The development, proposal, and adoption of rules, as well as the existing rules, in this state are in need of careful examination in order to assure that they faithfully execute the laws of the state without unduly burdening the state's economy and imposing needless costs and requirements on the businesses, local governments, and citizens of this state.

Declares an intent to: (1) Direct agencies to analyze the costs and benefits of their rules and to consider using regulatory approaches designed to avoid undue deleterious or overly burdensome impacts on regulated parties, the economy, and the administration of state and local governmental agencies, to the extent consistent with the objectives of applicable statutes; and

(2) Create a permanent office of regulatory reform within the executive branch to review all state rules and determine which rules duplicate or contradict each other, are no longer needed, or do more harm than good to the public interest.