HB 2180 - DIGEST

Declares it is the policy of the state to maintain, develop, fund, and improve the state's parks system and local active recreation opportunities. The legislature recognizes that a dedicated revenue source is needed and intends to authorize, with approval by the people of the state, a bond measure to provide approximately fifty million dollars per year for ten years for these purposes.

Provides that, for the purpose of providing funds for acquisition, preservation, and development of recreation areas and facilities by the state, the state finance committee is authorized to issue general obligation bonds of the state of Washington in the sum of five hundred million dollars, or as much thereof as may be required, to finance these projects and all costs incidental thereto.

Provides that the proceeds from the sale of bonds authorized under this act shall be deposited in the parks and outdoor recreation enhancement account hereby created in the state treasury and shall be used exclusively for the purpose specified in this act and for payment of the expenses incurred in the issuance and sale of bonds.

Imposes a state tax on the admission to any place, measured by the amount of admission charge.

Declares that the rate of tax is as follows: (1) For the state fiscal biennium beginning July 1, 2005, one percent;

(2) For the state fiscal biennium beginning July 1, 2007, three percent; and

(3) Five percent, beginning July 1, 2009.

Requires that the tax imposed under this act periodically shall be deposited into the parks and outdoor recreation enhancement bond repayment account created in this act.