HB 2232 - DIGEST

Provides that to demonstrate that the best available science has been included in the development of critical areas policies and regulations, counties and cities must address each of the following on the record: (1) The specific policies and development regulations adopted to protect the functions and values of the critical areas at issue;

(2) The relevant sources of best available scientific information in the decision making; and

(3) Any nonscientific information, including legal, social, cultural, economic, and political information, used as a basis for critical area policies and regulations that depart from recommendations derived from the best available science.

Provides that a county or city departing from science-based recommendations must: (1) Identify the information in the record that supports its decision to depart from science-based recommendations;

(2) Explain its rationale for departing from science-based recommendations; and

(3) Identify potential risks to the functions and values of the critical area or areas at issue and any additional measures chosen to limit such risks.