HB 2383 - DIGEST

Finds that the aerospace sector, as the state's largest manufacturing and exporting industry, has made a significant contribution to local, regional, state, and national economies.

Finds that airports of regional significance in both eastern and western Washington have underutilized property and facilities that could become substantial tools for economic development.

Declares an intent to examine and determine how untapped capacity at airports of regional significance can be used to expand manufacturing, research and development, education, and training for the aerospace industry.

Establishes the joint legislative task force on aerospace manufacturing.

Requires the task force to report its findings and recommendations to the legislature by June 30, 2007.

Appropriates the sum of two hundred fifty thousand dollars, or as much thereof as may be necessary, from the general fund to the house of representatives and the senate for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007, to carry out the purposes of this act.