HB 2422 - DIGEST

Finds that the state parks and recreation commission has identified over three hundred million dollars in projects to eliminate the backlog of deferred maintenance projects, improve state park facilities, and provide new investments to implement the state park's centennial 2013 plan.

Finds that significant investments in state parks facilities are necessary to protect public health and safety, reduce current operating and maintenance costs, improve basic park services, and protect valuable cultural and natural resources.

Finds that revenues to the youth athletic facilities account to fund local parks projects have not materialized. Therefore, the legislature finds that new revenue sources are needed to support state and local parks for the benefit of all Washington citizens.

Provides that, in addition to the vehicle license fees required under RCW 46.16.0621, there shall be paid and collected at the time of initial or renewal registration for each motor vehicle an additional fee of five dollars. The fee shall be deposited as described in this act in the state parks renewal and stewardship account established in RCW 79A.05.215 and the state parks centennial account created in this act to be used for the operation and maintenance of state parks.

Authorizes a person who registers a vehicle under this act to, at the time of initial or renewal registration, certify that the person does not intend to use the vehicle to visit state parks. If a person certifies that they do not intend to use the vehicle to visit state parks, the department shall not collect the additional fee.