HB 2462-S - DIGEST

Finds that federal law requires the states to periodically review and update their child support schedule. Accurate and consistent reporting of the terms of child support orders entered by the courts or administrative agencies in Washington state is necessary in order to accomplish a review of the child support schedule. In addition, a process for review of the schedule should be established to ensure the integrity of any reviews undertaken to comply with federal law.

Provides that, beginning in 2010 and every four years thereafter, the joint legislative audit and review committee, or other entity designated by the legislature, shall prepare a report on the review of the support schedule in accordance with 45 CFR 302.56 and the recommendations of the prior work group, and provide the report to the legislature and to the work group established in RCW 26.19.025 no later than July 1, 2008. The report must include data included in the order summary report collected by the department of social and health services division of child support.

Requires, by April 1, 2006, the division of child support to convene a work group to examine the current laws, administrative rules, and practices regarding child support.

Declares that the objective of the work group shall be to continue the work of the 2005 child support guidelines work group, and produce findings and recommendations to the legislature, including recommendations for legislative action, by December 1, 2006.