HB 2574 - DIGEST

Requires each hospital to provide notice to patients of its charity care policies. At a minimum, each hospital must post in locations easily accessible to and visible by patients, and include in each bill sent to patients, a notice regarding the opportunity to apply for charity care. The notice must use clear language that would be easily understood by individuals with limited education.

Provides that, upon a determination by a hospital that a person is eligible for a sliding fee schedule discount under RCW 70.170.060, the hospital shall offer that person the option to pay his or her bill in reasonable installments that take into account the person's income and other financial obligations.

Requires that, before contracting with any entity to act as a hospital's designated agent, assignee, or contractor for collection of its accounts receivable, or to purchase its accounts receivable, the hospital's governing board must have notice of, and affirmatively approve, the debt collection practices of the entity.