HB 2595-S2 - DIGEST

Finds that the community and technical colleges offer high quality, cost-effective instructional programs to the citizens of the state.

Finds that academic employee morale and willingness to invest in professional development, and academic employee recruitment and retention, are improved by consistent and predictable practices that provide salary increases to recognize two-year college academic employees who upgrade their skills and professional experience.

Declares an intent that state appropriations be adjusted to an amount which, together with academic employee turnover savings, provide for consistent and predictable funding of academic employee salary increases for state-funded academic employees who qualify through experience, professional development, and training pursuant to local collective bargaining.

Finds that the state board for community and technical colleges should examine the concept of a statewide salary allocation model and how it could be adopted for community and technical colleges. The purpose of such an allocation model would be to assure fair and functional allocation of compensation for state-funded academic employees including recognition of experience, professional development and training for, for example as is currently available to the common schools of the state.

Directs the state board for community and technical colleges to, in consultation with the various bargaining representatives of the academic employees, recommend an allocation model for the distribution of increments for experience, professional development, and training. The state board shall present its recommended allocation model to the legislature no later than January 10, 2008.