HB 2715-S - DIGEST

Finds that local governments need to have interoperable communications to ensure the public safety and welfare of all citizens in the state of Washington. In light of recent catastrophic events around the world, including in the United States, it is now more important than ever that all responders be able to communicate clearly and without interference or malfunction.

Finds that the legislature has learned that numerous states, the federal government, and some international governments have adopted the project-25 standard for interoperable communications. Local governments in Washington have started to purchase the project-25 interoperable communication standard equipment. In order to ensure that local governments continue to make smart purchasing decisions, they need certainty that the purchases will be interoperable with state equipment and that the state will adopt the national project-25 standards. It is the intent of this act to provide certainty to local governments that a statewide project-25 interoperable communications system will be in place throughout Washington in the near future, and the investments they are making are advantageous to the original intent of interoperable communications, thus ensuring the safety and welfare of Washington's citizens.