HB 2785-S2.E - DIGEST

Provides that a student may access an alternative if the student meets applicable eligibility criteria in RCW 28A.655.061 and other eligibility criteria established by the superintendent of public instruction, including but not limited to a ninety-five percent minimum attendance criterion and required participation in remediation programs or instruction.

Requires the superintendent of public instruction to develop a list of approved career and technical education programs that qualify for the objective alternative assessment for career and technical students developed under this act. Programs on the list must meet the following minimum criteria: (1) Lead to a certificate or credential that is state or nationally recognized by trades, industries, or other professional associations as necessary for employment or advancement in that field;

(2) Require a sequenced progression of multiple courses, both exploratory and preparatory, that are vocationally intensive and rigorous; and

(3) Have a high potential for providing the program completer with gainful employment or entry into a postsecondary work force training program.

Provides that, by September 2006, the superintendent of public instruction shall report the following, in detail, to the education committees of the legislature: (1) Results of the pilot testing of the alternative assessments authorized under this act;

(2) The proposed guidelines, protocols, and procedures to be used by the superintendent in implementing the alternative assessments, particularly the collection of evidence;

(3) A description of the training to be provided for school districts, educators serving on scoring panels, and teachers assisting students with collections of evidence; and

(4) Updated estimates of the number of students likely to be eligible or apply for either alternative assessment method.

Provides that, if specific funding for the purposes of section 5 of this act, referencing this act by bill or chapter number is not provided by June 30, 2006, in the omnibus appropriations act, section 5 of this act is null and void.