HB 2823 - DIGEST

Declares an intent that every student in Washington should see his or her culture fully and accurately included in the public school curriculum in every grade, and that all students should learn about the cultures and histories of all of their peers in the state and the world. To make progress toward achieving this goal, the legislature requires additional information about the degree to which school districts have such a curriculum and what barriers may impede them from adopting and using such a curriculum.

Directs the college of education at the University of Washington to conduct a review of the curriculum offered by public schools in Washington. The review shall examine the degree to which the curriculum fully and accurately includes the history, contributions, and contemporary experiences of people of color. The review shall also identify barriers that may impede schools and school districts from successfully adopting and using such a curriculum.

Requires the college to submit a report to the education committees of the legislature by December 1, 2007, including findings and recommendations for strategies and policies that could improve the public school curriculum.