SB 6308 - DIGEST

Directs the joint select committee to review and make recommendations regarding: (1) The type of offender that would benefit most in terms of personal achievement, responsibility, and community safety, by having the opportunity to receive enhanced training and education while in prison;

(2) The types of training and educational programs that would provide the greatest return on investment with regard to offender achievement, responsibility, and community;

(3) Changes to the sentencing law and policies related to "good time" that would encourage incarcerated offenders to participate in training and programs that will increase the likelihood that they will be able to support themselves when they leave prison and reduce recidivism;

(4) A method for evaluating the return on the investment and determining from front line department of corrections staff and community partners, whether the changes are improving personal responsibility on the part of the offender and reducing crime in the community; and

(5) Changes to community supervision that would provide greater safety to the public and incentives for prisons in adhering to treatment, educational goals, and reducing recidivism.

Requires the joint select committee to present a report of its findings and recommendations to the governor and the appropriate committees of the legislature, including any proposed legislation, by November 15, 2007.