59th Legislature - 2005 - Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore
RICHARD NAFZIGER, Chief Clerk     


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1002 f Compression brakes Fromhold,Moeller TR DP26
HB 1003 Off-road vehicles Hinkle,Sullivan, B. NREP DP11
HB 1007 f Commemorative works account Hunt,Alexander APP DP28
HB 1008 f Motor pool Sommers,Alexander APP DP28
HB 1016 Homeowner's insurance Campbell,Kirby FII DP6 DNP4
HB 1028 f Public works/apprenticeship Conway,Hankins CL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1032 f Interstate insurance compact Kirby,Roach FII DP9
HB 1033 Emplyr-owned life insurance Kirby,Roach FII DPS6 DNP4
HB 1034 f Distressed insurers Kirby,Roach FII DP10
HB 1058 f Mental health for minors Dickerson,Hinkle JJFL DPS6
HB 1060 Hood Canal rehab zone Eickmeyer,Appleton HOOD DPS4 DNP3
HB 1061 f Mobile home relocation Dunn,Miloscia HOUS DPA5 DNP4
HB 1085 f Milk and milk products Linville,Kristiansen EDAT DP20 DNP3
HB 1096 f Tax expenditure reports Santos,Hasegawa FIN DP5 DNP4
HB 1112 Superior court judges Quall,Bailey APP DP27 DNP1
HB 1124 Signs & banners over highway Eickmeyer,Buck TR DP26
HB 1128 Definition of conviction Nixon NREP DP10 w/oRec1
HB 1136 f Electronic monitoring system O'Brien,Darneille CJC DP7
HB 1137 f Physical therapy Morrell,Orcutt HC DPS12 DNP3
HB 1141 f Real estate research account Conway,Tom CL DP7
HB 1145 f Unclaimed personal property Clibborn,Tom LG DP7
HB 1155 County sales & use taxes Upthegrove,Jarrett LG DP4 DNP3
HB 1160 f Violence in state hospitals Conway,Wood CL DP7
HB 1161 Notification about offenders Buri,O'Brien CJC DP7
HB 1171 Denial of dissolution decree Dickerson,Moeller JJFL DPS7
HB 1180 Vehicle size limits Kilmer,Wallace TR DP26
HB 1182 f Bond payments Springer,Green CB DP27
HB 1184 New county officer training Flannigan,Hinkle LG DP7
HB 1187 f Youthful offenders Dickerson,Moeller JJFL DP5 DNP2
HB 1198 Speech-language pathologists Linville,Bailey HC DP15
HB 1205 Fine-only misdemeanors O'Brien,Appleton CJC DPS4 DNP3
HB 1208 Forfeited property O'Brien NREP DPS11
HB 1214 f Food fish & shellfish lic Blake,Upthegrove NREP DPS11
HB 1232 f State patrol officers O'Brien,Pearson CJC DP7
HB 1235 Homeless camps O'Brien,Nixon HOUS DP9
HB 1236 Aiding injured persons O'Brien,Morrell CJC DPS7
HB 1237 f Patient transport vehicles Newhouse,Cody TR DP26
HB 1238 Flood control zone districts Blake,Orcutt LG DP7
HB 1247 Manufactured housing Morris,Schindler HOUS DP9
HB 1257 Motorcycle insurance Roach,Kirby FII DPS10
HB 1259 f Tech corrections/RCW 46.87 Wallace,Woods TR DP26
HB 1269 f LEOFFRS service credit Conway,Curtis APP DP27
HB 1279 Public access to hearings Kagi,Hinkle JJFL DP7
HB 1280 f Kinship care committee Pettigrew,Hinkle CFS DPS9
HB 1294 Antiharassment hearings Williams,Lovick JUDI DP9
HB 1297 Judicial conduct commission Williams,Priest JUDI DP9
HB 1299 f Tax preferences McIntire,Simpson FIN DPS9
HB 1302 Burn ban triggers Kagi,Jarrett NREP DPS8 DNP3
HB 1312 f Boilers Wood,Condotta CL DP7
HB 1328 f Local disability boards Conway,Crouse APP DP27
HB 1329 f LEOFFRS reduced retirement Conway,Crouse APP DP26
HB 1337 f Sex offender records O'Brien,Pearson CJC DPS7
HB 1338 f Registered offender web site O'Brien,Pearson CJC DP7
HB 1347 Dishonored checks Lantz,Williams JUDI DPS10
HB 1348 Judgments Williams,Newhouse JUDI DPS9
HB 1356 Local government insurance Pettigrew,Holmquist HOUS DP9
HB 1366 Video game rating systems Roberts,McDonald JJFL DPS7
HB 1373 Manufactured housing comm Simpson,Schindler HOUS DP7 DNP2
HB 1396 f Land surveyors Williams,Alexander CL DP7
HB 1398 f Theft of livestock Haler,O'Brien CJC DPS7
HB 1403 Parenting plans Dickerson,McDonald JJFL DP7
HB 1405 Disabled hunt/fish committee Kretz,Blake NREP DP11
HB 1419 Customer financial transactn Kirby,Roach FII DPS10
HB 1426 f Incarcerated parents Roberts,McDonald CFS DPS9
HB 1471 Authentication of documents Lovick,McDonald JUDI DP9
HB 1487 Payment agreements Ormsby,Dunshee CB DP25
HB 1555 Monetary assessments Wallace,Newhouse LG DP7
HB 1561 Life insurance Appleton,Roach FII DP6 DNP5
HB 1668 Admin office of the courts Lantz,Priest JUDI DP10
HJM 4001 Voice over internet protocol Hudgins,Morris TEC DPS11
HJR 4201 Judicial conduct commission Williams,Lovick JUDI DP9
HJR 4205 f School levies Schual-Berke,Haigh ED DPS10