59th Legislature - 2005 - Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore
RICHARD NAFZIGER, Chief Clerk     


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1002 f Compression brakes Fromhold,Moeller TR DP26
HB 1008 f Motor pool Sommers,Alexander APP DP28
HB 1010 f Renewable energy Morris,Hudgins TEC DPS8 w/oRec2
HB 1011 Net metering of electricity Morris,Hudgins TEC DPS7 w/oRec4
HB 1012 f Computer spyware Morris,Hudgins TEC DPS11
HB 1016 Homeowner's insurance Campbell,Kirby FII DP6 DNP4
HB 1028 f Public works/apprenticeship Conway,Hankins CL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1033 Emplyr-owned life insurance Kirby,Roach FII DPS6 DNP4
HB 1034 f Distressed insurers Kirby,Roach FII DP10
HB 1035 Insurance comm examinations Kirby,Roach FII DPS(SGOA)11
HB 1046 f Public safety & edu account Sommers APP DPS26 DNP3
HB 1060 Hood Canal rehab zone Eickmeyer,Appleton HOOD DPS4 DNP3
HB 1061 f Mobile home relocation Dunn,Miloscia HOUS DPA5 DNP4
HB 1079 f Foster youth education Kagi,Kenney HE DPS11 w/oRec1
HB 1084 Recreational facilities Dunshee,Lovick LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 1104 Surplus funds of candidates Green,Haigh SGOA DPS9
HB 1127 Wastewater projects Sullivan, B.,Rodne FII DPS8 DNP3
HB 1136 f Electronic monitoring system O'Brien,Darneille CJC DP7
HB 1143 f Public disclosure act Green,Nixon SGOA DP6 DNP3
HB 1144 f Campaign funding Haigh,Nixon SGOA DPS8 w/oRec1
HB 1150 Dangerous dogs Kirby,Campbell JUDI DPS7 w/oRec3
HB 1153 Municipal service costs Springer,Nixon LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 1155 County sales & use taxes Upthegrove,Jarrett LG DP4 DNP3
HB 1158 f County treasurer Takko,Alexander LG DPS6
HB 1169 Public school facilities Quall,Sullivan, P. LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 1178 Monitoring of minor children McDonald,Dickerson JUDI DPS6 DNP4
HB 1182 f Bond payments Springer,Green CB DP27
HB 1187 f Youthful offenders Dickerson,Moeller JJFL DP5 DNP2
HB 1205 Fine-only misdemeanors O'Brien,Appleton CJC DPS4 DNP3
HB 1208 Forfeited property O'Brien NREP DPS11
HB 1213 f Hunting safety for children Clements,Upthegrove NREP DPS7 DNP3
HB 1222 Ballot measure petitions McDermott,Nixon SGOA DP9
HB 1228 f Water & sewer facilities Sullivan, P.,Schindler LG DPS6
HB 1229 Water-sewer districts Chase,Schindler LG DPS7
HB 1230 Water-sewer dstrct comm Upthegrove,Schindler LG DPS7
HB 1236 Aiding injured persons O'Brien,Morrell CJC DPS7
HB 1247 Manufactured housing Morris,Schindler HOUS DP9
HB 1259 f Tech corrections/RCW 46.87 Wallace,Woods TR DP26
HB 1266 f Commercial drivers Murray,Woods TR DPS27
HB 1272 f Green buildings Dunshee,Jarrett CB DPS24 DNP5
HB 1294 Antiharassment hearings Williams,Lovick JUDI DP9
HB 1299 f Tax preferences McIntire,Simpson FIN DPS9
HB 1301 Capitol campus governance Hunt,Alexander CB DPS29
HB 1302 Burn ban triggers Kagi,Jarrett NREP DPS8 DNP3
HB 1313 f Parks & recreation comm O'Brien,Pearson NREP DPS11
HB 1314 f Domestic violence prevention Dickerson,Darneille APP DPS(JJFL)19 DNP7
HB 1315 f Real estate excise taxes Tom,Clibborn FIN DP9
HB 1319 f LEOFFRS plan 1 ex spouse Conway,Fromhold APP DP28
HB 1326 f Rehire of retired pblc emply Conway,Crouse APP DPS28
HB 1329 f LEOFFRS reduced retirement Conway,Crouse APP DP26
HB 1341 Public hospital districts Simpson,Sullivan, P. LG DPS6 DNP1
HB 1358 Recidivism reduction Flannigan,Jarrett JUDI DPS6 DNP4
HB 1360 f Ancestral trees Hunt,Chase NREP DPS7 DNP4
HB 1365 f Community services' cases Appleton,Bailey HC DPS10 DNP4
HB 1366 Video game rating systems Roberts,McDonald JJFL DPS7
HB 1373 Manufactured housing comm Simpson,Schindler HOUS DP7 DNP2
HB 1374 Manufactured home location Simpson,Schindler HOUS DPS9
HB 1380 f Education finance study Hunter,Cox APP DPS17 DNP9
HB 1384 Joint operating agencies Haler,Sullivan, B. TEC DPS9 w/oRec1
HB 1395 f Business & professions Wood,Conway CL DPS6
HB 1397 f Motor vehicle emissions Murray,Jarrett TR DPS17 DNP7
HB 1399 Running start Quall,McCoy HE DP13
HB 1401 Fire safety Simpson,Hankins LG DPS4 DNP2
HB 1404 f Forest practices Sullivan, B.,Hinkle NREP DPS7 DNP3
HB 1407 f Ban on American beef Grant,Walsh FIN DP9
HB 1413 Habitat conservation prgrms Dunshee,Jarrett APP DPS(CB)21 DNP5
HB 1419 Customer financial transactn Kirby,Roach FII DPS10
HB 1430 f Malt liquor Wood,Condotta CL DPS7
HB 1431 Alcoholic beverage courses Wood,Condotta CL DPS6 DNP1
HB 1432 Classified school employees Fromhold,Conway CL DP7
HB 1439 f Electronic & web-based bids Green,Nixon SGOA DP9
HB 1455 Off-road vehicle noise Haigh,Wallace NREP DPS6 DNP4
HB 1467 f Reporting of child abuse Dickerson,Wallace CFS DPS9
HB 1469 f Commercial motor vehicle law Lovick,Jarrett TR DP27
HB 1485 f School bus bid process Hunter,Jarrett ED DP7 w/oRec4
HB 1486 Health care services Conway,Wood HC DPS14
HB 1487 Payment agreements Ormsby,Dunshee CB DP25
HB 1491 f Aquatic lands statutes Sullivan, B.,Kretz NREP DPS11
HB 1492 f Single pilot mitigation bank Williams,Sullivan, B. APP DP2S(w/o sub NREP)25 DNP1
HB 1494 $f Hlth care for schl children Morrell,Clibborn HC DPS14
HB 1496 Enrollment cards/Indians Simpson,Roach JUDI DPS10
HB 1512 f State health care programs Morrell,Clibborn HC DPS9 DNP5
HB 1531 Juvenile proceedings Moeller,Dickerson JJFL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1534 f Malpractice insurance prgrm Green,Hinkle HC DP15
HB 1536 f Secretary of health Moeller,Hinkle HC DPS14
HB 1539 Excavating near pipelines Linville,Roach TEC DPS11
HB 1545 f Adult family homes Curtis,Cody HC DPS15
HB 1554 f Farm & agricultural land Morrell,Buri FIN DP9
HB 1560 Comm college tuition waivers Sells,Campbell HE DPS12
HB 1561 Life insurance Appleton,Roach FII DP6 DNP5
HB 1568 f Activation of national guard Haigh,Hinkle SGOA DP9
HB 1570 f Voluntary accounts program McIntire,Simpson APP DPS15 DNP10
HB 1577 Nonprofit capital projects Lantz,Hankins CB DPS16 DNP12
HB 1579 f Animal fighting Campbell,Kirby CJC DP5 DNP2
HB 1597 County law libraries Lantz,Haler JUDI DP10
HB 1598 f County road administratn brd Wood,Wallace TR DP27
HB 1599 f County engineer Takko,Wallace TR DP27
HB 1600 f County road project report Takko,Wallace TR DP27
HB 1608 f Potato commission Grant,Holmquist EDAT DPS21
HB 1612 U of W dental school Kilmer,Skinner HC DP15
HB 1643 Skate parks Sullivan, B. JUDI DPS10
HB 1644 Juvenile waiver of rights Sullivan, B. JJFL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1648 f Executive sessions Sullivan, B.,Appleton CJC DPS7
HB 1650 f Citations and infractions O'Brien,Newhouse CJC DPS6 w/oRec1
HB 1652 Fire protection districts Ericks,Appleton HC DPS14
HB 1661 Juvenile proceedings Moeller,Hasegawa JJFL DPS7
HB 1681 Background check task force Sullivan, B.,Darneille CJC DPS7
HB 1717 Broadcast of legal notices McDermott,Nixon SGOA DP9
HB 1721 f Tribal municipalities/taxing Hunter,Orcutt FIN DP8 w/oRec1
HB 1722 Fruits and vegetables Grant,Newhouse EDAT DP20
HB 1746 f Arson offenders Holmquist,O'Brien CJC DPS5 DNP2
HB 1759 Orca Appleton,Bailey SGOA DP9
HB 1769 Jury source lists Sullivan, P.,Simpson JUDI DP10
HB 1779 Homeowners' insurance Schual-Berke,Roach FII DP6 DNP5
HB 1791 Dev disabilities trust fund Dunshee,Schual-Berke CB DPS26 DNP2
HB 1792 Use of force in schools Pettigrew,Santos ED DP6 DNP5
HB 1793 Fire protection impact fees Simpson,Sullivan, P. LG DP4 DNP2
HB 1797 f Vhcle protection product act Kirby,Roach FII DP11
HB 1806 f Transfer of technology Kenney,Haigh SGOA DPS9
HB 1814 Mandatory arbitration Williams,Campbell JUDI DP10
HB 1821 f Heating oil pollution Kagi FII DPS11
HB 1827 f Motor vehicle dealers Wood,Condotta CL DP6
HB 1837 Child witnesses Rodne,Lantz JUDI DP10
HB 1841 f Electrical trainees Wood,Kenney CL DPS7
HB 1847 Statute law committee Haigh,McDermott SGOA DPS9
HB 1856 f Industrial ins fund audits Conway,Condotta CL DPS6
HB 1872 Ignition interlock devices Ericks,O'Brien JUDI DP10
HB 1883 Hood Canal oral histories McCoy,Pearson HOOD DPS7
HB 1894 Credit card marketing Chase,Strow FII DPS9 DNP1
HB 1934 f Assault of a peace officer Lovick,Ahern CJC DPS5 w/oRec2
HB 1941 Board of edu voting rights Sullivan, P.,Quall ED DP10
HB 1942 Board of edu class 4 group Quall,Sullivan, P. ED DP11
HB 1945 f Fire sprinkler system parts Holmquist,Simpson CL DPS6
HB 1986 Review of tuition waivers Roberts,Buri HE DP10 DNP2
HB 2007 Petitions in cities & towns Moeller,Dunn LG DP6
HB 2021 Advanced college payment Kenney,Cox HE DP12
HB 2028 Office of public defense Kagi,Darneille JUDI DP10
HB 2070 Horse racing handicapping Cody,Condotta CL DPS7
HB 2081 Hood Canal Eickmeyer,McCoy HOOD DPS5 DNP2
HB 2090 f Body piercing & body art Appleton,Campbell HC DP15
HB 2101 f Offenders who are students Pearson,Lovick JJFL DP7
HJM 4001 Voice over internet protocol Hudgins,Morris TEC DPS11
HJM 4011 Women worker information Hudgins,Clibborn CL DP6
HJM 4013 Homeless assistance Miloscia,Springer HOUS DP9
HJR 4202 Hospital district funds Simpson,Sullivan, P. LG DP6 DNP1
HCR 4405 Offshore outsourcing Hudgins,Conway CL DP4 DNP3
HCR 4406 Watersheds & salmon recovery Williams,Buck NREP DPS11
ESB 5049 f Mold in residential units Kohl-Welles,Benton HOUS DPA8 DNP1