59th Legislature - 2005 - Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore
RICHARD NAFZIGER, Chief Clerk     


Please Note: Items marked in Bold are not ready.
Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1011 Net metering of electricity Morris,Hudgins TEC DPS7 w/oRec4
HB 1022 f Tsunami resistant structures Orcutt,Buck FIN DPS8
HB 1028 f Public works/apprenticeship Conway,Hankins CL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1029 f All-terrain vehicles Simpson,Rodne TR DPS17 DNP8
HB 1031 f Problem gambling Conway,Cody FIN DPS(CL)5 DNP4
HB 1060 Hood Canal rehab zone Eickmeyer,Appleton HOOD DPS4 DNP3
HB 1061 f Mobile home relocation Dunn,Miloscia HOUS DPA5 DNP4
HB 1071 f Health disciplinary act Campbell,Morrell APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)29
HB 1084 Recreational facilities Dunshee,Lovick LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 1091 $f Community revitalization Linville,Newhouse APP DPS28
HB 1094 f Tax incentives Santos,Hasegawa FIN DPS5 DNP4
HB 1097 f Keep kids safe license plate Schual-Berke,Hinkle TR DPS24 DNP2
HB 1106 f Fire protection districts Haigh,Schindler FIN DP8
HB 1116 f Ski & ride Wa license plate Wallace,Ericksen TR DPS24 DNP2
HB 1153 Municipal service costs Springer,Nixon LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 1155 County sales & use taxes Upthegrove,Jarrett LG DP4 DNP3
HB 1169 Public school facilities Quall,Sullivan, P. LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 1190 f TANF & WorkFirst Pettigrew,Hinkle APP DPS(CFS)28
HB 1205 Fine-only misdemeanors O'Brien,Appleton CJC DPS4 DNP3
HB 1210 f Short-term fishing licenses Sullivan, B.,Buck FIN DPS(NREP)9
HB 1212 f Wildlife harvest reports Upthegrove APP DPS(NREP)16 DNP12
HB 1213 f Hunting safety for children Clements,Upthegrove NREP DPS7 DNP3
HB 1215 f Turkey tags Sullivan, B.,Upthegrove FIN DPS(NREP)6 DNP3
HB 1216 f Wild on WA license plates Lovick,Eickmeyer TR DPS23 DNP3
HB 1217 f Wildlife license plate Ericksen,Lovick TR DPS23 DNP3
HB 1218 f Endngrd wildlife lic plate Sullivan, B.,Lovick TR DPS23 DNP3
HB 1220 f Long-term care financing Morrell,Schual-Berke APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)28
HB 1223 Medical malpractice coverage Schual-Berke,Cody FII DP11
HB 1224 Expert witnesses Schual-Berke,Cody JUDI DPS6 w/oRec3
HB 1225 Medical malpractice insrnce Schual-Berke,Cody FII DP11
HB 1239 f Historical prprty tx exmptn Fromhold,Wallace FIN DPS8
HB 1241 f Vhcle licensing & registratn Fromhold,Curtis TR DPA23 DNP4
HB 1243 f Patient safety Green,Cody APP DPS(HC)20 DNP8
HB 1254 f Share the road license plate Wood,Jarrett TR DP24 DNP2
HB 1268 f Stem cell research Schual-Berke,Jarrett APP DP18 DNP10
HB 1290 $f Community mental health Cody,Bailey APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)28
HB 1291 f Patient safety practices Cody,Bailey APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)17 DNP11
HB 1301 Capitol campus governance Hunt,Alexander CB DPS29
HB 1311 f Minimum wage violations McCoy,Conway CL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1314 f Domestic violence prevention Dickerson,Darneille APP DPS(JJFL)19 DNP7
HB 1319 f LEOFFRS plan 1 ex spouse Conway,Fromhold APP DP28
HB 1329 f LEOFFRS reduced retirement Conway,Crouse APP DP26
HB 1339 f Parks & rec license plates Hudgins,Ericksen TR DP23 DNP3
HB 1341 Public hospital districts Simpson,Sullivan, P. LG DPS6 DNP1
HB 1342 f State route 290 Wood,Ormsby TR DP26
HB 1344 f Fugitives Sullivan, P.,Simpson APP DPS28
HB 1346 f Hydraulic project approval Buck,Sullivan, B. APP DP2S(w/o sub NREP)29
HB 1353 f Nursing work force Kenney,Morrell APP DPS27 DNP1
HB 1358 Recidivism reduction Flannigan,Jarrett JUDI DPS6 DNP4
HB 1359 Legal financial obligations Darneille,Jarrett APP DP2S(w/o sub JUDI)23 DNP5
HB 1360 f Ancestral trees Hunt,Chase NREP DPS7 DNP4
HB 1365 f Community services' cases Appleton,Bailey HC DPS10 DNP4
HB 1386 f Historical documents Takko,Haler FIN DP7 DNP2
HB 1387 f State patrol in accidents Nixon,Flannigan TR DPS25
HB 1394 f Business & professions acct Conway,Wood APP DPS(CL)29
HB 1395 f Business & professions Wood,Conway CL DPS6
HB 1397 f Motor vehicle emissions Murray,Jarrett TR DPS17 DNP7
HB 1399 Running start Quall,McCoy HE DP13
HB 1402 f Offender travel or transfer O'Brien APP DPS(CJC)28
HB 1404 f Forest practices Sullivan, B.,Hinkle NREP DPS7 DNP3
HB 1418 Insurance overpayment Kirby,Roach APP DP2S(w/o sub FII)16 DNP13
HB 1419 Customer financial transactn Kirby,Roach FII DPS10
HB 1441 f Hlth insurance for children Clibborn,Morrell APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)16 DNP11
HB 1446 f Property tax levies Hunter,Jarrett FIN DP5 DNP4
HB 1449 f National park fund lic plate Anderson,Kessler TR DPS24 DNP2
HB 1455 Off-road vehicle noise Haigh,Wallace NREP DPS6 DNP4
HB 1460 Marine vessel cnty contracts Green,Shabro TR DPS25
HB 1465 Property tax levies Conway,Jarrett FIN DP5 DNP4
HB 1466 Motorcycles/traffic signals Flannigan,Woods TR DP24 DNP1
HB 1477 Homeowners' associations Kagi,Chase JUDI DPS9
HB 1484 f School levies Hunter,Jarrett FIN DP2S(w/o sub ED)5 DNP4
HB 1485 f School bus bid process Hunter,Jarrett ED DP7 w/oRec4
HB 1487 Payment agreements Ormsby,Dunshee CB DP25
HB 1488 f Brominated flame retardants Hunter,Priest APP DP2S(w/o sub NREP)16 DNP12
HB 1502 f Property tax abatement Takko,DeBolt FIN DPS9
HB 1509 f Widows of veterans Green,Conway FIN DPS8
HB 1510 f Prpry tx exmptn/nonprofits Morris,Quall FIN DPS8
HB 1514 f Day-time running lights Simpson,Sullivan, P. TR DPS19 DNP6
HB 1531 Juvenile proceedings Moeller,Dickerson JJFL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1533 f Inspection of hospitals Appleton,Bailey APP DP27 w/oRec1
HB 1538 f Hospital reporting Cody,Campbell HC DPS10 DNP5
HB 1541 Trans innovative partnership Murray,Woods TR DPS25
HB 1542 f Indigent defense services Lantz,Hinkle APP DP2S(w/o sub JUDI)23 DNP5
HB 1548 Special immunities Clibborn,Bailey JUDI DP9
HB 1570 f Voluntary accounts program McIntire,Simpson APP DPS15 DNP10
HB 1578 Property tax levies McIntire,Ahern FIN DP7 DNP2
HB 1581 f Licensing subagent successor O'Brien,Schindler TR DP21 DNP4
HB 1582 f Licensing subagent fees O'Brien,Schindler TR DP22 w/oRec5
HB 1591 f Assisted care facilities Schual-Berke,Hinkle HC DPS11 DNP4
HB 1595 Port districts McDermott,Woods LG DPS5 DNP2
HB 1596 f Rental cars O'Brien,Hankins TR DP26
HB 1597 County law libraries Lantz,Haler JUDI DP10
HB 1599 f County engineer Takko,Wallace TR DP27
HB 1600 f County road project report Takko,Wallace TR DP27
HB 1605 f Soil contamination Upthegrove,Dickerson APP DP2S(w/o sub NREP)15 DNP13
HB 1622 Liquified petroleum gas Sullivan, P.,Crouse APP DP2S(w/o sub TEC)29
HB 1623 f Life sciences research Sommers,Anderson APP DP2S(w/o sub TEC)19 DNP9
HB 1631 County conservation futures Clibborn,Fromhold FIN DPS(LG)5 DNP4
HB 1636 $f Wages for child care workers Pettigrew,Roberts APP DPS16 DNP12
HB 1637 Open space plans Upthegrove,Dickerson LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 1638 Forest lands Upthegrove,Dickerson LG DP4 DNP3
HB 1644 Juvenile waiver of rights Sullivan, B. JJFL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1648 f Executive sessions Sullivan, B.,Appleton CJC DPS7
HB 1653 f Lead paint hazards O'Brien,Moeller APP DPS(APP)16 DNP8
HB 1659 Equitable opportunity Santos,McCoy ED DPS6 DNP5
HB 1662 f Academy of sciences Kenney,Cox APP DP29
HB 1685 f Health ins policy mandates Bailey,Curtis HC DPS15
HB 1688 f Certificate of need program Cody,Clibborn APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)19 DNP9
HB 1690 f State funded health care Cody,Moeller FIN DP8
HB 1703 f Fare cards for trans service Jarrett,Sells FIN DPS7 DNP1
HB 1711 Parking/disabilities Wallace,Woods TR DPS25
HB 1724 f Disclosure of outsourcing Conway,Hudgins CL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1737 Public health improvement Schual-Berke,Cody HC DPS14 DNP1
HB 1742 f Multiple-unit dwellings Clibborn,Haler FIN DP(w/oHOUS amd)s9
HB 1746 f Arson offenders Holmquist,O'Brien CJC DPS5 DNP2
HB 1747 f Indigent persons/legal aid Wood,Rodne APP DPS(JUDI)29
HB 1749 f County election procedures Green,Nixon APP DP28
HB 1752 f Ballot processing Green,Nixon APP DP2S(w/o sub SGOA)24 DNP3
HB 1753 f Voter registration Green,Nixon SGOA DPS5 DNP4
HB 1754 Mail ballot elections Hunt,Nixon SGOA DPS5 DNP4
HB 1771 f School breakfast programs McDermott,Nixon APP DP20 DNP8
HB 1792 Use of force in schools Pettigrew,Santos ED DP6 DNP5
HB 1793 Fire protection impact fees Simpson,Sullivan, P. LG DP4 DNP2
HB 1797 f Vhcle protection product act Kirby,Roach FII DP11
HB 1798 f Motorist information signs Simpson,Skinner TR DPS25
HB 1799 f Park rangers Sullivan, B.,Upthegrove CJC DPS4 DNP3
HB 1806 f Transfer of technology Kenney,Haigh SGOA DPS9
HB 1817 Recycling Sullivan, B.,Ericks NREP DPS11
HB 1820 Model toxics control act Kagi NREP DPS10
HB 1824 Ferry fares Kilmer,Lantz TR DPS15 w/oRec9
HB 1829 Records of convictions Appleton,Lantz JUDI DPS6 w/oRec3
HB 1830 Alternative public works Hunt,Jarrett CB DPS(SGOA)26
HB 1833 f Job training & placement Kagi,Hinkle APP DPS(CFS)29
HB 1834 f Performance measures McIntire,Anderson APP DPS29
HB 1846 f Property tax provisions McIntire FIN DPS9
HB 1848 Multiunit residential bldgs Springer,Tom JUDI DP9
HB 1849 f Security guard training Lovick,Campbell CL DP4 DNP3
HB 1850 f Volunteer medical worker Schual-Berke,Cody APP DPS(HC)21
HB 1854 f Driving privilege Lantz,Priest APP DPS(JUDI)28
HB 1858 Injuries from health care Lantz,Flannigan JUDI DP6 w/oRec3
HB 1860 Expert witnesses Lantz,Flannigan JUDI DPS6 w/oRec3
HB 1861 Health care claims Lantz,Flannigan JUDI DP6 w/oRec3
HB 1862 Injuries from health care Lantz,Flannigan JUDI DP6 w/oRec3
HB 1866 f Model toxics control Williams,Buck NREP DPS10 DNP1
HB 1867 WorkFirst funds Kagi,McIntire APP DP29
HB 1875 f Retrospective rating Fromhold,Conway CL DPS4 DNP3
HB 1879 f Funding driver's education Murray,Hankins TR DPS18 DNP9
HB 1886 f Cleaning in state facilities Simpson,Sullivan, B. NREP DPS6 DNP4
HB 1887 f Litter tax exemptions Hasegawa,Orcutt FIN DPS8
HB 1890 f Tax on meat processing McIntire,Upthegrove FIN DPS5 DNP4
HB 1893 f Teachers of the deaf McDermott,Kenney ED DPS11
HB 1894 Credit card marketing Chase,Strow FII DPS9 DNP1
HB 1896 f Geoduck harvest Appleton,Eickmeyer APP DP2S(w/o sub HOOD)15 DNP13
HB 1903 f Job development fund Ericks,Haler CB DPS15 DNP13
HB 1917 Industrial ins premium rates Conway,Wood CL DP4 DNP3
HB 1918 f Industrial ins injury report Conway,Wood CL DPS7
HB 1928 f Consumer credit histories Kirby,Hasegawa FII DPS6 DNP5
HB 1933 Medical malpractice info Schual-Berke,Morrell FII DPS7 DNP4
HB 1942 Board of edu class 4 group Quall,Sullivan, P. ED DP11
HB 1951 f Vision exams for children Quall,Talcott ED DPS11
HB 1956 Civics assessments Upthegrove,Lantz ED DPS9 DNP2
HB 1966 f Identity theft Ericks,O'Brien APP DP29
HB 1975 f Trail maintenance/nonprofits Springer,Tom FIN DPS8
HB 1980 f Excise tax administration McIntire,Orcutt FIN DP9
HB 1995 f Historic public facilities Lantz,Skinner CB DPS26
HB 1998 $ Student achievement Sullivan, P.,Santos CB DP26
HB 2004 Construction claims Flannigan,Campbell JUDI DPS6 w/oRec3
HB 2015 f Substance abuse treatment Kagi,O'Brien APP DP2S(w/o sub CJC)21 DNP7
HB 2027 f Date of primary election Green,Nixon SGOA DPS9
HB 2033 Municipal b & o taxation McIntire,Orcutt FIN DPS8
HB 2035 f State fuel tax distributions Wallace,Jarrett TR DP25
HB 2038 f Smoking ban in public places McDermott,Tom HC DP8 DNP7
HB 2040 f Tax on motorcycle sales Woods,Simpson FIN DP8
HB 2053 Intermediate drivers' lic Hankins,Murray TR DPS27
HB 2055 Industrial ins/construction Conway,Chase CL DP4 DNP3
HB 2056 f Recreational vehicle shows Conway,Wood APP DPS(CL)28
HB 2062 f Voter registration/felons Darneille,Nixon SGOA DPS5 DNP4
HB 2072 f Horse race/person transport Simpson,Appleton TR DPS25
HB 2078 f Comprehensive plan deferrals Simpson LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 2085 $f Cleanup of waste tires Simpson,Hankins TR DPS25
HB 2089 State employee gift limit Hunt,Haigh SGOA DPS9
HB 2091 f We love our pets lic plate Lantz,Campbell TR DP24 DNP2
HB 2105 f Hood Canal/on-site sewage Chase,DeBolt APP DP28
HB 2107 f Statewide student assoc Kenney,Cox HE DPS12 DNP1
HB 2118 Intermediate drivers' lic Schindler,Simpson TR DPS22 DNP5
HB 2126 Dependent persons Lantz,Kenney JUDI DPS9
HB 2131 f Master licensing service Conway,Springer APP DP28
HB 2155 f State publications Lantz,Shabro APP DPS(SGOA)28
HB 2157 f Regional trans improvements Murray,Simpson TR DPS15 DNP10
HB 2163 f Homeless housing program Ormsby,Holmquist APP DP2S(w/o sub HOUS)16 DNP12
HB 2169 f Family day care Walsh,Grant CFS DPS9
HB 2173 f Service member civil relief Serben,Lantz JUDI DPS9
HB 2175 f Charities & gambling Wood,Conway CL DPS7
HB 2178 Violent video games Dickerson,McCune JJFL DP6 w/oRec1
HB 2179 f Electric service disputes Morris TEC DPS7 w/oRec4
HB 2181 f Autism task force Dunshee,Darneille CFS DPS9
HB 2184 Credit for time served Kagi,Darneille CJC DPS4 DNP3
HB 2185 Workers' comp medical aid Newhouse,Conway CL DP6
HB 2196 Local real estate excise tax Clibborn,Moeller FIN DPS5 DNP4
HB 2200 f Earned release time O'Brien,Darneille CJC DP4 DNP3
HB 2207 Growth management/science Simpson,Springer LG DP4 DNP3
HB 2219 Urban industrial land banks Hunt,DeBolt LG DP7
HB 2224 County utility taxes Sommers FIN DP5 DNP4
HB 2225 Higher edu endowment funds Kirby FII DPS11
HB 2241 Recreational facilities Dunshee,Lovick LG DP4 DNP3
HB 2245 Middle school & high school Quall,Tom ED DPS10
HB 2246 f Employer contribution rates Conway,Wood CL DPS4 DNP3
HB 2254 Quality improvement programs Cody HC DP9 DNP6
HB 2255 Unemployment insurance Conway,Simpson CL DP4 DNP3
HB 2257 State contracts Williams,Conway APP DP2S(w/o sub CL)20 DNP8
HB 2259 Water-sewer district Takko,Simpson FIN DP2S(w/o subLG)5 DNP4
HB 2270 Public development authority McIntire,Murray FIN DP5 DNP4
HB 2282 Transporting offender prprty Sommers,O'Brien APP DP26 DNP2
HJM 4001 Voice over internet protocol Hudgins,Morris TEC DPS11
HJM 4009 Section 8 housing assistance Ormsby,Dunn HOUS DPS9
HJM 4010 No child left behind funding Linville,Jarrett ED DPS11
HJM 4011 Women worker information Hudgins,Clibborn CL DP6
HJM 4013 Homeless assistance Miloscia,Springer HOUS DP9
HJR 4202 Hospital district funds Simpson,Sullivan, P. LG DP6 DNP1
HJR 4206 Property tax levy limits McIntire,Ahern FIN DP7 DNP2
HCR 4405 Offshore outsourcing Hudgins,Conway CL DP4 DNP3
HCR 4406 Watersheds & salmon recovery Williams,Buck NREP DPS11
SB 5048 f Tobacco product sampling Oke,Brown FIN DP7 DNP2
ESB 5049 f Mold in residential units Kohl-Welles,Benton HOUS DPA8 DNP1