59th Legislature - 2006 - Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore
RICHARD NAFZIGER, Chief Clerk     


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1015 f Hospital-acquired infections Campbell,Morrell APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)30
ESHB 1029 f All-terrain vehicles TR (Simpson) TR DP2S16 DNP11
HB 1142 f Pyramid promotional schemes Chase,Conway CL DPS8
HB 1200 f Chem dependency assessments Pearson,O'Brien APP DPS(JUDI)30
HB 1223 Medical malpractice coverage Schual-Berke,Cody FII DPS11
SHB 1226 Campaign contribution limits SGOA(Schual-Berke) APP DP3S(w/o sub SGOA)17 DNP13
ESHB 1301 Capitol campus governance CB (Hunt) CB DP2S24 w/oRec4
HB 1305 Emergency vehicles Haigh,McDonald TR DP28
HB 1360 f Ancestral trees Hunt,Chase NREP DPS7 DNP4
SHB 1374 Manufactured home location HOUS(Simpson) HOUS DP2S9
HB 1446 f Property tax levies Hunter,Jarrett FIN DPS6 DNP5
E2SHB 1458 f On-site sewage/marine areas APP (Hunt) APP DP3S17 DNP13
HB 1488 f Brominated flame retardants Hunter,Priest APP DP2S(w/o sub NREP)16 DNP12
HB 1504 f Abandoned vehicle auctions Simpson,Woods TR DPS27
HB 1514 f Day-time running lights Simpson,Sullivan, P. TR DPS19 DNP6
HB 1581 f Licensing subagent successor O'Brien,Schindler TR DPS22 DNP7
HB 1595 Port districts McDermott,Woods LG DP2S5 DNP2
HB 1614 f Correctional facilities Green,Talcott APP DPS29 w/oRec1
HB 1672 f Safe patient handling Conway,Hudgins APP DPS(CL)16 DNP14
HB 1731 f Mercury/motor vehicles Hunt,Campbell APP DP2S(w/o sub NREP)17 DNP13
HB 1735 f Water storage facilities Hunt,Buck EDAT DP2S13 DNP9
HB 1746 f Arson offenders Holmquist,O'Brien CJC DPS5 DNP2
HB 1797 f Vhcle protection product act Kirby,Roach FII DP11
HB 1827 f Motor vehicle dealers Wood,Condotta CL DPS9
SHB 1834 Performance measures APP (McIntire) APP DP2S30
HB 1933 f Medical malpractice info Schual-Berke,Morrell FII DP2S8 DNP3
HB 1944 af State employee raffles Hunt,Williams CL DPS9
HB 1964 Walla Walla sweet onion Walsh,Grant SGOA DP9
ESHB 2056 f Recreational vehicle shows CL (Conway) CL DP7 DNP1
EHB 2219 Urban industrial land banks Hunt,DeBolt LG DPS7
HB 2243 f Lottery advertisements Williams,Quall CL DPS5 DNP3
EHB 2270 f Public development authority McIntire,Murray FIN DPS6 DNP5
HB 2322 Phosphorus in dish detergent Ormsby NREP DP7 DNP4
HB 2323 f Affordable rental housing Sullivan, B.,DeBolt LG DPS7
HB 2325 Housing/short subdivision Simpson,Tom LG DPS7
HB 2329 Disclosure of DSHS info Hunter,Alexander SGOA DP6 DNP3
HB 2340 f Mortgage brokers Kirby,Roach APP DP30
HB 2345 Fire protection services Simpson,Rodne LG DPS7
HB 2350 Energy infrastructure info Morris,Hudgins SGOA DPS6 DNP3
HB 2360 f Studying small loans Appleton,Moeller FII DPS6 DNP5
HB 2364 f Credit union & state charter Santos,Orcutt FIN DP11
HB 2383 $f Task force on aerospace Sullivan, B.,McCoy EDAT DPS22
HB 2384 f State geological survey Dickerson,Buck APP DPS(NREP)30
HB 2386 f Commercial geoduck harvest Sullivan, B.,Chase NREP DP11
HB 2388 f Unemplymnt contribution rate Conway,Chase CL DPS9
HB 2392 f Family & medical leave act Dickerson,Appleton CL DPS5 DNP4
HB 2396 f School security professional Dickerson,Williams ED DPS10 w/oRec3
HB 2398 State health care programs Cody,Morrell HC DP9 DNP6
HB 2399 f Health care providers Cody,Morrell APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)30
HB 2403 Distributive generation Morris,Sullivan, B. TEC DPS7 w/oRec5
HB 2407 f Monitoring sex offenders Lovick,Strow APP DPS(CJC)30
HB 2409 f Sex/kidnapping offenders O'Brien,Rodne CJC DP7
HB 2410 f Sex offenders O'Brien,Rodne CJC DP6 DNP1
HB 2412 f Violating registration O'Brien,Rodne APP DPS(CJC)30
HB 2426 Utilities & transportatn com Morris TEC DPS12
HB 2428 f Oil & gas/cost-reimbursement Kretz,Sump TEC DP12
HB 2431 f Background checks/hlth care Campbell,Morrell APP DPS18 DNP12
HB 2434 Consumer credit histories Kirby,Campbell FII DPS9 DNP2
HB 2443 Consumer reports Hudgins,Hasegawa CL DPS5 DNP4
HB 2447 f New regional centers Condotta,Armstrong FIN DPS11
HB 2448 f Tax on illegal drugs/alcohol Campbell,Conway CJC DP4 DNP3
HB 2452 f News media Kessler,Armstrong JUDI DPS9 w/oRec1
HB 2462 f Child support schedule Moeller,Wallace APP DP2S(w/o sub CFS)30
HB 2471 f Veteran homeownership McCune,Miloscia HOUS DPS9
HB 2475 f Individual providers Conway,Williams APP DPS(CL)20 DNP10
HB 2482 f Insurance fraud program O'Brien,Ericks APP DPS(FII)17 DNP13
HB 2483 f Child care providers Hunter,Jarrett CFS DPS8 w/oRec1
HB 2492 f Offender registration Lovick,Strow CJC DPS6 DNP1
HB 2493 f Law enforcement vehicles Kilmer,Lantz TR DPS26
HB 2509 Local ballot measures/taxes Takko,Morrell LG DPS7
HB 2517 f Minimum labor standards Cody,Conway CL DPS5 DNP4
HB 2532 f Election audits Nixon SGOA DPS5 DNP4
HB 2534 f Disclosure of vehicle taxes Nixon,Rodne TR DPS29
HB 2536 f Disability pension options Conway,McCoy CL DP8
HB 2539 f Disaster medical assistance Schual-Berke,Morrell APP DPS22 DNP8
HB 2550 f Amending capitl bdgt 2005-07 Dunshee,Jarrett CB DPS26
HB 2553 f Service contracts Kirby,Morrell FII DPS11
HB 2560 f Alcoholic beverage licenses Conway,Wood CL DP7 DNP1
HB 2561 f Shipment of wine Conway,Wood APP DPS(CL)30
HB 2568 Wireless communicatn devices Morrell,Campbell TR DP17 DNP11
HB 2570 f Tobacco product sampling Morrell,Campbell HC DPS15
HB 2574 f Hospital charity care Cody,Morrell APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)17 DNP13
HB 2579 $f Educational assessments Upthegrove,Lantz ED DP8 w/oRec5
HB 2580 f Canned salmon Upthegrove,Schual-Berke FIN DP10
HB 2586 Charter licenses Blake,Buck NREP DPS11
HB 2590 f Nonprofit/zoological purpose Dickerson,McIntire FIN DPS11
HB 2591 f Special fuel taxes Sullivan, B.,Blake TR DPS28
HB 2593 f Oil spill prevention Appleton,Sullivan, B. APP DP2S(w/o sub NREP)30
HB 2594 f Bilingual voting assistance Hasegawa,McCoy SGOA DPS9
HB 2600 f Construction contractors Moeller,Conway CL DPS5 DNP4
HB 2603 f Sealing diversion records Roberts,Dickerson JJFL DPS7
HB 2607 Vacation of county roads Curtis,Haler LG DPS7
HB 2612 f Failure to secure a load Kagi,O'Brien APP DP30
HB 2614 Employment decisions Morrell,Conway CL DPS5 DNP4
HB 2617 f Off-road vehicles Kretz,Blake TR DP22 DNP7
HB 2623 f Agricultural workers Kenney,Conway CL DP5 DNP3
HB 2624 f Park passes Sullivan, B.,Buck NREP DPS11
HB 2627 f Unneeded park land sale Sullivan, B.,Buck NREP DPS11
HB 2632 f HIV insurance coverage prgrm Darneille,Green APP DP17 DNP13
HB 2646 f Trail grooming Wallace,Hinkle FIN DPS11
HB 2651 f Animal information Pettigrew,Kristiansen EDAT DPS19 DNP3
HB 2653 f Human body parts Darneille,Clements CJC DP7
HB 2658 f ORV data base Hinkle,Sullivan, B. CB DPS(NREP)28
HB 2662 f Electronic product recycling Sullivan, B.,Priest APP DPS(NREP)21 DNP9
HB 2667 f Municipal services Springer,Nixon FIN DPS6 DNP5
HB 2668 f Professional athletics Hudgins,Lovick CL DPS8
HB 2675 f Native American information Sullivan, B.,Buck SGOA DPS9
HB 2678 f Pollutn liability ins agency Kagi,Kretz APP DPS(FII)30
HB 2680 f TERS service credit Conway,Fromhold APP DPS29
HB 2681 f Retirement contribution rate Conway,Fromhold APP DP27
HB 2682 f State patrol retirement Conway,Fromhold TR DP29
HB 2684 f Vesting after 5 years Fromhold,Bailey APP DPS30
HB 2685 f Public safety employees' ret Fromhold,Conway APP DPS30
HB 2695 f Ballot notice requirements Haigh,Sump SGOA DPS7 DNP2
HB 2697 f Unemployment ins collection Hudgins,Conway CL DPS7 DNP2
HB 2700 f Community protection zones O'Brien,Ericks CJC DP5 DNP2
HB 2701 f Assault of child/second deg O'Brien,Pearson CJC DPS7
HB 2704 f Organized retail theft O'Brien,Pearson CJC DP7
HB 2711 f Grandparents/visitation Kagi,Kessler JJFL DPS7
HB 2717 Mobile home parks Schindler,O'Brien HOUS DP8 DNP1
HB 2719 f Taxes on mobile homes O'Brien,Schindler HOUS DP9
HB 2720 f Water-sewer districts Simpson,Schindler LG DP7
HB 2722 f Price gouging Ericks,Haler CL DP5 DNP3
HB 2740 f Forest practices Orcutt,Blake NREP DPS9 DNP2
HB 2746 f Controlled substances Miloscia,O'Brien CJC DP6 DNP1
HB 2747 f Sex offender information Lovick,O'Brien APP DPS(CJC)30
HB 2749 f Specialized forest products Sullivan, B.,McCoy NREP DPS9 DNP2
HB 2753 f Electronic voter registratn Haigh,Nixon SGOA DPS8 DNP1
HB 2757 Limited liability companies Kirby,Roach FII DP11
HB 2759 f Transfer of real property Ericks,Pearson CB DPS27 DNP1
HB 2761 f Money laundering Springer,Rodne JUDI DPS10
HB 2762 Criminal background checks Dickerson,Ahern CJC DP7
HB 2765 Hazards to motorcycles Buri,Clibborn TR DP28
HB 2776 Home heating fuel Dickerson,Kirby FII DPS11
HB 2778 f Convention/tourism promotion Murray,Kristiansen FIN DPS10
HB 2780 f Payroll deductions McDermott,Hunt APP DPS19 DNP11
HB 2799 f Solar hot water Chase,Morris FIN DP2S(w/o sub TEC)11
HB 2801 Homeowners' associations Chase,Morrell JUDI DP10
HB 2804 f Nonprofit schools/tax exempt Conway,Holmquist FIN DPS11
HB 2805 f Missing persons O'Brien,Ericks APP DP2S(w/o sub CJC)30
HB 2814 f Comprehensive plans Simpson,Schindler LG DPS7
HB 2818 f Motion picture industry McIntire,Kenney FIN DPS10 DNP1
HB 2819 Riding on outside of vehicle Lovick,Dunshee TR DP18 DNP10
HB 2820 f Light rail construction Pettigrew,Santos FIN DPS10 DNP1
HB 2829 f Driver training schools Wallace,Curtis TR DP24 DNP2
HB 2837 Binding site plans O'Brien,McCune LG DP7
HB 2842 f Organ donor education Sullivan, B.,Anderson ED DPS13
HB 2845 Water for fire sprinklers Simpson,Curtis LG DPS7
HB 2846 f Campaign finance disclosure Miloscia,Hunt SGOA DPS9
HB 2848 f Domestic violence info Lantz,Ericks JUDI DPS10
HB 2850 Open space program Clements,Orcutt FIN DPS11
HB 2852 f Check cashers & sellers Strow,Kirby FII DPS11
HB 2863 Retail installment contracts Kirby,Roach FII DPS11
HB 2871 f Regional trans governance Murray,Dickerson TR DPS24 DNP5
HB 2872 f Minimum age for gambling Roberts,Roach CL DPS5 DNP4
HB 2874 f Design-build/trans projects Murray,Ericksen TR DP28
HB 2880 f Insurance premiums tax McIntire FIN DPS6 DNP4
HB 2884 f Reclaimed water Linville,McCoy APP DPS(EDAT)21 DNP7
HB 2898 Distributing communications Hunt,Williams SGOA DPS8 DNP1
HB 2902 f Math tests Talcott,Quall ED DPS13
HB 2912 f Mental health professionals Green,Appleton APP DP2S(w/o sub HC)18 DNP12
HB 2914 f Residential service provider Roberts,Haler APP DP2S(w/o sub cfs)30
HB 2927 f Retirement for judges Fromhold,Crouse APP DP31
HB 2933 f LEOFFRS death benefit Sullivan, P.,Curtis APP DPS31
HB 2942 f Health care providers Curtis,Morrell HC DPS10 DNP4
HB 2943 f Health care providers Cody,Curtis HC DPS10 DNP4
HB 2946 Indian affairs-funded school Sullivan, P.,Roach ED DPA12
HB 2947 f Law enforcement applicants McDonald,Ericks CJC DP7
HB 2951 f Firearms training Campbell,Morrell JUDI DPS10
HB 2958 Nontoxic shot Sullivan, B.,Buck NREP DPS11
HB 2962 Coastal crab fisheries Blake,Buck NREP DPS11
HB 2981 f Commercial vehicles Fromhold,Clements TR DP28
HB 2984 Affordable housing incentive Springer,Jarrett LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 2986 Student privacy & info Schual-Berke,Quall ED DPS8 DNP5
HB 2987 f Vehicle gross weight Kagi,Clibborn TR DPS27 DNP2
HB 2988 County sales & use taxes McIntire,Upthegrove FIN DP6 DNP5
HB 3001 f Limousine Hudgins,Conway TR DP28
HB 3004 f Methamphetamine offenders Pearson,Lovick CJC DPS6 DNP1
HB 3010 f Milk and dairy products Moeller,Newhouse EDAT DPS20 DNP2
HB 3016 Growth management boards Simpson,Schindler LG DP7
HB 3017 f Condemned property sale Springer,Sullivan, P. CB DP2S(w/o sub JUDI)16 DNP12
HB 3020 f Traffic safety cameras Lovick,Hankins TR DPS28 DNP1
HB 3035 Statutory costs Williams,Rodne JUDI DP10
HB 3036 Notices of dishonor Lantz,Rodne JUDI DP10
HB 3039 f Nitrogen discharges McCoy,Eickmeyer HOOD DPS4 DNP3
HB 3052 Train speeds Clibborn,Wallace TR DPS27
HB 3057 f Address confidentiality Green,Nixon SGOA DP9
HB 3058 f Public records provisions Green,Nixon SGOA DPS9
HB 3066 Account receivable Lantz,Rodne JUDI DP10
HB 3070 $f Nonprofit housing Miloscia,Hasegawa CB DP2S(w/o sub HOUS)16 w/oRec10
HB 3079 f Health care services Conway,Cody APP DPS30
HB 3082 f Municipal courts Rodne,Springer JUDI DPS10
HB 3083 f Fruit & veg processing Takko,Haler FIN DP11
HB 3084 $f Oil & gas exploration Sullivan, B.,Buck NREP DPS11
HB 3089 f Commute trip reduction Murray,Clibborn TR DPS26
HB 3093 Special parking privileges Clibborn,Curtis TR DPS26
HB 3102 f Geoduck harvesting Sullivan, B.,Buck CB DPS(NREP)16 DNP8
HB 3106 Higher edu public works Kenney,Buri SGOA DP6 DNP3
HB 3109 f Government performance Miloscia,Morrell SGOA DPS9
HB 3111 Rental vehicles/infractions Appleton TR DP27
HB 3114 Wood waste boiler equipment Murray,Dunn FIN DP11
HB 3118 f Criminal history record info O'Brien,Clements CJC DP7
HB 3120 Tort claims against govt Lantz,Priest JUDI DPS10
HB 3123 Annexation Simpson LG DP4 DNP3
HB 3128 f Sale of wine Kenney,Hankins CL DPS8
HB 3137 f State patrol officers Lovick,Curtis TR DPS29
HB 3138 Trans benefit districts Sells,Sullivan, B. TR DP25 DNP2
HB 3147 Asbestos liability Hunt,Williams JUDI DP8 w/oRec2
HB 3148 f Child abuse and neglect Kagi,Darneille JUDI DPS6 DNP4
HB 3150 f Wine industry Condotta,Linville CL DPS8
HB 3154 f Retail sale of beer Condotta,Wood CL DP9
HB 3156 f Low-income persons Darneille,Haler CFS DP8 w/oRec1
HB 3157 f Financial literacy/TANF Darneille,Haler CFS DP9
HB 3162 Water-sewer districts Simpson,Schindler LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 3163 Growth management Simpson,Schindler LG DPS7
HB 3165 Affordable housing Miloscia,Chase CB DP2S(w/o sub HOUS)16 DNP12
HB 3170 Hydrogen highway Sullivan, B.,Morris TR DP28
HB 3172 f Unsolicited facsimiles Anderson,Rodne TEC DP12
HB 3178 f State ferry employees Murray,Woods TR DPS(TEC)28 DNP1
HB 3179 $ Transportation governance Murray,Woods TR DPS17 DNP12
HB 3188 f Forest practices Sullivan, B.,Hinkle NREP DPS9 DNP2
HB 3192 Property owners Sullivan, B.,Ericks LG DP7
HB 3207 f Community preservation prog Santos CB DPS15 w/oRec10
HB 3208 f Customer proprietary network Sullivan, P.,Simpson TEC DPS12
HB 3227 f Forestry resources Conway CL DPS5 DNP4
HB 3234 Homeless tent encampments Miloscia,Hunt HOUS DPS8 w/oRec1
HB 3243 f Services to children Schual-Berke,Walsh CFS DP9
HB 3253 Growth management boards Simpson,Dunn LG DP7
HB 3258 Mileage fees for diesel Morris,Simpson TR DP28
HB 3260 Boundary review boards Moeller LG DPS4 DNP3
HB 3266 State route 169 Rodne,Simpson TR DP20 DNP3
HB 3276 Voting restrictions/felons Darneille,Upthegrove SGOA DP9
HB 3278 Unemployment insurance T.O. Conway,Dickerson CL DP5 DNP4
HB 3285 f Bingo Conway,Chase FIN DP10 DNP1
HJM 4033 Medical marijuana Nixon,Moeller HC DP10 DNP4
HJM 4036 Employee free choice act Conway,Ormsby CL DP5 DNP3
HJR 4221 f Inmate labor O'Brien,Kagi CJC DP6 DNP1
HCR 4411 Equitable opportunity McCoy,Santos ED DPS8 DNP5