BILL REQ. #:  H-3644.2 


State of Washington61st Legislature2010 Regular Session

By Representatives White, Orwall, Chase, Dickerson, Carlyle, Upthegrove, Springer, Nelson, Simpson, Miloscia, Dunshee, and Hunt

Prefiled 12/28/09. Read first time 01/11/10.   Referred to Committee on State Government & Tribal Affairs.

     AN ACT Relating to ballot design; and amending RCW 29A.36.161.


Sec. 1   RCW 29A.36.161 and 2004 c 271 s 132 are each amended to read as follows:
     (1) On the top of each ballot must be printed clear and concise instructions directing the voter how to mark the ballot, including write-in votes. On the top of each primary ballot must be printed the instructions required by this chapter.
     (2) The ballot must have a clear delineation between the ballot instructions and where the voting is to begin. Immediately following the ballot instructions, the words: "BEGIN VOTING HERE" must appear in a font size larger than what is used for ballot instructions and ballot questions.
The questions of adopting constitutional amendments or any other state measure authorized by law to be submitted to the voters at that election must appear after the instructions and before any offices.
     (((3))) (4) In a year that president and vice president appear on the general election ballot, the names of candidates for president and vice president for each political party must be grouped together with a single response position for a voter to indicate his or her choice.
     (((4))) (5) On a general election ballot, the candidate or candidates of the major political party that received the highest number of votes from the electors of this state for the office of president of the United States at the last presidential election must appear first following the appropriate office heading. The candidate or candidates of the other major political parties will follow according to the votes cast for their nominees for president at the last presidential election, and independent candidates and the candidate or candidates of all other parties will follow in the order of their qualification with the secretary of state.
     (((5))) (6) All paper ballots and ballot cards used at a polling place must be sequentially numbered in such a way to permit removal of such numbers without leaving any identifying marks on the ballot.

--- END ---