61st Legislature
2009 Regular Session

Passed by the House March 5, 2009
  Yeas 97   Nays 0

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Passed by the Senate April 7, 2009
  Yeas 44   Nays 0

President of the Senate

I, Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives of the State of Washington, do hereby certify that the attached is HOUSE BILL 1997 as passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on the dates hereon set forth.

Chief Clerk

Governor of the State of Washington

Secretary of State
State of Washington



Passed Legislature - 2009 Regular Session
State of Washington61st Legislature2009 Regular Session

By Representatives Finn, Rolfes, Smith, Dunshee, Upthegrove, Kretz, Chase, Dickerson, Liias, Kagi, Nelson, Kessler, Hunt, and Blake; by request of Puget Sound Partnership

Read first time 02/05/09.   Referred to Committee on Ecology & Parks.

     AN ACT Relating to Puget Sound scientific research; and amending RCW 90.71.110 and 90.71.280.


Sec. 1   RCW 90.71.110 and 2007 c 345 s 3 are each amended to read as follows:
     The Puget Sound scientific research account is created in the state treasury. All gifts, grants, federal moneys, or appropriations made to the account must be deposited into the account. Moneys in the account may be spent only after appropriation. Expenditures from the account may be used only for research programs and projects selected pursuant to ((section 2 of this act)) the process developed and overseen by the Puget Sound science panel as provided in RCW 90.71.280(1)(c).

Sec. 2   RCW 90.71.280 and 2007 c 341 s 10 are each amended to read as follows:
     (1) The panel shall:
     (a) Assist the council, board, and executive director in carrying out the obligations of the partnership, including preparing and updating the action agenda;
     (b) As provided in RCW 90.71.290, assist the partnership in developing an ecosystem level strategic science program that:
     (i) Addresses monitoring, modeling, data management, and research; and
     (ii) Identifies science gaps and recommends research priorities;
     (c) Develop and provide oversight of a competitive peer-reviewed process for soliciting, strategically prioritizing, and funding research and modeling projects;
     (d) Develop and implement an appropriate process for peer review of monitoring, research, and modeling conducted as part of the strategic science program;
Provide input to the executive director in developing biennial implementation strategies; and
     (((e))) (f) Offer an ecosystem-wide perspective on the science work being conducted in Puget Sound and by the partnership.
     (2) The panel should collaborate with other scientific groups and consult other scientists in conducting its work. To the maximum extent possible, the panel should seek to integrate the state-sponsored Puget Sound science program with the Puget Sound science activities of federal agencies, including working toward an integrated research agenda and Puget Sound science work plan.
     (3) By July 31, 2008, the panel shall identify environmental indicators measuring the health of Puget Sound, and recommend environmental benchmarks that need to be achieved to meet the goals of the action agenda. The council shall confer with the panel on incorporating the indicators and benchmarks into the action agenda.

--- END ---