HOUSE RESOLUTION NO.2009-4624, by Representatives Kagi, Dickerson, Carlyle, Blake, Kenney, Finn, Orwall, Maxwell, Hunt, Nelson, McCoy, Hudgins, Appleton, Haler, Johnson, Goodman, and Pettigrew

     WHEREAS, In 2005, the Department of Social and Health Services estimated that there are over 74,000 children and adolescents in Washington State who are in need of mental health services; and
     WHEREAS, Seattle Children's Home has stayed true to its mission of providing comprehensive mental health and developmental services to children, adolescents, and their families since its inception on April 3, 1884, by members of the Ladies Relief Society including Louisa Denny and Sarah Yesler; and
     WHEREAS, Since 1884, Seattle Children's Home has evolved from an orphanage to a child welfare agency to a comprehensive mental health facility for children and young adults; and
     WHEREAS, Seattle Children's Home currently provides an array of services for the families and children in Seattle, King County and the State of Washington including: Outpatient therapy, treatment and assessments; a behavioral support team to aid families caring for children with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges; multisystemic therapy, an evidenced-based family centered and community-based treatment system designed to significantly reduce rates of rearrests and incarceration among youth involved in the juvenile justice system; and 21 percent of the children's long-term inpatient program (CLIP) psychiatric care at the McGraw Residential Facility;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize April 3, 2009, as Seattle Children's Home Quasquicentennial Day.

I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4624 adopted by the House of Representatives
April 3, 2009

Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk