HOUSE RESOLUTION NO.2009-4633, by Representatives Dickerson and Conway

     WHEREAS, People with all kinds of disabilities have the right to live and work in communities with equal rights as equal citizens; and
     WHEREAS, Living in a home in the community of your choice, free from isolation and segregation, is one key to achieving the American dream; and
     WHEREAS, Those with disabilities are no longer willing to accept a fate that separates or excludes them; and
     WHEREAS, There are several independent living centers in Washington state working with individuals with disabilities on obtaining access to housing, employment, transportation, recreational facilities, and health and social services; and
     WHEREAS, People live happier, more fulfilled lives when they are able to actively contribute to society by working, volunteering, and participating in community events; and
     WHEREAS, With the assistance of over 32,000 home and personal care workers in Washington state who are working to reduce unnecessary institutionalization and promote integration into community life, independent living is no longer an unattainable dream; and
     WHEREAS, Living independently gives people the option to manage their own services, increasing control over their own decisions and lives; and
     WHEREAS, Independent living empowers individuals with disabilities by creating opportunities, promoting choice, advancing access, and furthering participation in community life; and
     WHEREAS, Governor Gregoire has proclaimed March 11, 2009, as Independent Living Day;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State House of Representatives honor and support the independence and rights of all individuals with disabilities on March 11, 2009, Independent Living Day.

I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4633 adopted by the House of Representatives
March 11, 2009

Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk