HOUSE RESOLUTION NO.2009-4639, by Representative Morris

     WHEREAS, We are all judged by how we react in the face of adversity that each of us must overcome in our lifetimes; and
     WHEREAS, These tests of character show our true colors – whether we run and hide, or whether we encounter and conquer these obstacles; and
     WHEREAS, We are here today to recognize someone who overcame great hardship in her own life, someone that not only knocked down barriers, but became an example to others in the process; and
     WHEREAS, A heart attack struck sixteen year old Logan Olson in 2001, and she suddenly had to contend with a very grown-up situation; and
     WHEREAS, Logan battled back, fighting through a coma and confronting seven months of rehabilitation during which she had to relearn the basic skills we take for granted; and
     WHEREAS, Logan continued the day-to-day process of recovery after she left the hospital; and
     WHEREAS, While she continued the fight for normalcy, Logan sought comfort in the personal effects she enjoyed before her hospital stay; and
     WHEREAS, A tube of lipstick is tough to use with an unsteady hand, and designer jeans won't button when fingers don't cooperate; and
     WHEREAS, Logan and her mom, Laurie, searched for a resource that catered to young women with disabilities – a publication that would advise people in Logan's shoes about things like shoes and a young woman with Logan's make up talking about makeup; and
     WHEREAS, Because nothing like that existed, Logan and Laurie took matters into their own hands and created Logan Magazine in 2004 – a publication that features young women like Logan; and
     WHEREAS, The magazine covers everything from tips on easy-to-handle clothes and makeup, to stories of inspiration about other young people who have overcome disabilities; and
     WHEREAS, It has expanded throughout the United States and into other countries, spreading disability awareness with informative and heartwarming personal success stories and current events; and
     WHEREAS, There are only two people that grace the cover of their own magazine – Oprah and Logan;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the State of Washington honor Logan and Laurie Olson for the service and inspiration they provide us as they break down barriers for others with disabilities, and remind all of us who face adversity to "Live Out Loud."

I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4639 adopted by the House of Representatives
March 20, 2009

Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk