HOUSE RESOLUTION NO.2009-4647, by Representatives Pettigrew, Hinkle, Hudgins, Warnick, Upthegrove, Sells, Johnson, Maxwell, Carlyle, Kenney, Dammeier, Hunt, and White

     WHEREAS, The National Consortium for Academics and Sports, whose mission is to create a better society by focusing on educational attainment and using the power and appeal of sport to positively affect social change, has celebrated National Student-Athlete Day on April 6th since 1987; and
     WHEREAS, Many scholar-athletes have pursued excellence through postsecondary education opportunities while facing challenging circumstances; and
     WHEREAS, Scholar-athletes serve as mentors who go beyond providing spectators with dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful athlete and lead by example by displaying that academic achievement is an admirable accomplishment that portends a promising future; and
     WHEREAS, Anyone who has ever been discouraged while confronting obstacles or experiencing adversity knows the need for a mentor, hope, and inspiration, and scholar-athletes continue to positively influence others by virtue of illustrating what can be achieved through diligence and perseverance; and
     WHEREAS, While scholar-athletes encourage people to dream, they set high standards with their ability to consistently meet rigorous athletic requirements while honoring the importance of education; and
     WHEREAS, Maintaining a strong drive and dedication requires sacrifice and persistence that is deserving of recognition; and
     WHEREAS, The following athletes have demonstrated the aforementioned tenants of an outstanding scholar-athlete: Alex Smyth, Chris Thomas, Bonnie Millard Berscheid, and Lilly Bourret from Eastern Washington University; Adam Bighill, Lynde Clarke, Tyler Fischer, Marcie Mullen, Erin Norris, Johnny Spevak, and Krissy Tandle from Central Washington University; Angel Stewart, John Levi III, Maddie Blevens, Annie Forman, Eric Jones, Matt Stalnik, Madeline Tuson-Turner, Aaron Schlund from The Evergreen State College; David Brittinen, Calin Schell, Jordan Welling, Anthony Zackery, Matt Zigulis, Gina Auriemma, Kylie Broadbent, Audrey Coon, Heidi Dimmitt, Christy Miller, and Tiana Roma from Western Washington University; Ryan Perkins, Rylan Hawkins, Tobias Obenaus, Kevin Spooner, Jill Collymore, Kristen Omori, Kelly Gilbert, Marisa Chang, and Brooke Anderson from the University of Washington; Jared Prince, Taylor Rochestie, Vaughn Lesuma, Jeshua Anderson, Katie Appleton, Sara Trane, Karin Brevick, and Lorraine King from Washington State University; Jami Schaefer, Evan Wells, Lori Conrad, Matt Berry, Emily Johnson, Anna Friedhoff, and Matt Bejar from Gonzaga University; Katie Hansen, Cassidy Murillo, Madison Collins, Maria Madeira, Austen Powers, Sean Rawson, Derek Rogalsky, and Doug Djang from Seattle University; Daniel Hibbard, Brian Erickson, Amy Spieker, Alexandria Miller, Lauren Meyer, Leif Hansen, James Crosetto, Chad Hall, Trinity Gibbons, and Casey Jackson from Pacific Lutheran University; Greg Bailey, Caitlin McGrane, Hilary Rice, Boone Freeman, Karen Chase, Colin Koach, and Fiona Gornick from the University of Puget Sound; Casey Reed, Jessica Pixler, Meredith Teague, Daesha Henderson, Benjamin Pliskin, Chad Meis, and Nicole Finley from Seattle Pacific University; Krinda Carlson, Amber Pratt, Dara Zack, Tucker Maxwell, Jamey Gelhar, Amy Dalzell, Jake Linton, Bill Richardson, John Eisentrout, and Kevin Jones from St. Martin's University; Dustin Miracle, Jonny Long, Greg Damazo, Isaac Lopez, Heather McFadden, Karen Wheeler, Amber Davin, and Jennifer Han from Walla Walla University; Kristen Mittelsteadt, Joe Johnson, Corina Gabbert, Alex Graves, Kristen Ballinger, and Sara McCune from Whitman College; Samantha Kephart, Scott Donnell, Ben Spaun, Miranda Cosand, Penelope Crowe, and Dan Sanders from Whitworth University; and Rachel Mitchell, Brittany Bowsher, Shauna Marshall, Andrea Cotton, Kyle Wall, Nathan Rheaume, Greg Peters, and Libby Hellwig from Northwest University;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State House of Representatives recognize scholar-athletes at institutions of higher learning throughout the state of Washington for their ability to exhibit potential through athletic and academic achievement.